The Broken Ghost: Apex Legends’ hunt for the seventh chapter explained

We're going back to Skull Town.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The latest chapter in Apex Legends’ season quest is live and it’ll tug at your heartstrings.

The hunt sends players back to Skull Town to grab another piece of the artifact, while the story tells Wattson’s point of view after discovering that Crypto could have betrayed the legends.

Return to Skull Town is one of the most entertaining hunts so far, with plenty of weapons and a familiar arena for nostalgic Apex fans. The story chapter also advances the narrative by showing a disappointed side of Wattson that’s darker than her usual self.

Here’s everything you need to know about the seventh part of The Broken Ghost.

The hunt: Return to Skull Town

Loba took Skull Town out of Kings Canyon, but not all versions of Kings Canyon. The POI is in one piece in the Shadowfall dimension and that’s where the legends are headed to get the next piece of the artifact.

Players start with an R-301 and an RE-45 with several attachments, including gold barrel stabilizers and purple mags, as well as blue body shields, a purple backpack, and a Thermite Grenade. The hunt offers a wide variety of gear, but the starting loadout is more than enough to extract the artifact and get back.

The first house on the right is locked and players have to melee their way through it, but it’s more than worth it. It contains a gold body shield, backpack, and helmet, as well as a shield battery and medkit. It’s also crawling with Prowlers, so be on your guard when entering it.

After looting the room, it’s time to head to the objective. Some of the houses contain other healing items, such as shield batteries and medkits, but there are more of them in the dig site, located on one of the rooftops.

The supply bins around the objective contain fully-kitted weapons, including a Devotion, two Mastiffs, a Spitfire, and a Prowler. Take your weapon of choice (and the ammo to go with it) and start digging.

The objective site is on one of the rooftops and Prowlers can come from three different directions: the bridge and the two surrounding stairwells. Players can position themselves in a myriad of spots as long as they keep track of each entrance, but the side-by-side supply bins near the artifact allow for easy surveillance.

Thermite Grenades are plentiful on the quest and make good kill zones for the Prowlers. Throwing them in key access points, such as stairwells and access to bridges, can help make short work of the creatures. They go along well with Caustic’s gas barrels, too.

After the artifact is finished digging, players must take a long hike to the dropship in close to a minute. There are two paths, the open plains and Skull Town itself, and they both have hazards. Going through Skull Town lets you funnel your enemies, however, which is helpful for automatic weapons.

Players have to move quickly, but not recklessly, to get to the dropship. A couple of waves of Prowlers will show up along the way, but they shouldn’t pose much of a problem if you either outrun or outgun them. Just be mindful of the timer.

Legends with high mobility, such as Octane, Loba, and Pathfinder, are good choices to ensure a smooth evacuation. Defensive legends like Caustic or Wattson, however, can easily defend the objective site if played well but their lack of mobility gives them a disadvantage. Mirage would also be a good choice, but the Holographic Trickster is out of commission for this incursion.

After the hunt is done, players will unlock the Spinel gun charm, as well as the next piece and chapter.

The story: The Shattered Spirit

The seventh chapter kicks off from Wattson’s perspective and directly follows the events of The Oblivious Mole. Natalie is heartbroken with Crypto’s alleged betrayal. “When it was just me and Papa, he taught me about everything from currents and conductors to protons and electrons,” she said. “But he never taught me about betrayal.”

Crypto is trying to deflect the allegations that he’s the mole. The Surveillance Expert asks what he could possibly gain from helping Revenant, but Caustic answers. Both Crypto and Revenant have a common interest since their biggest enemies—the Syndicate and Hammond Robotics—are working together. According to Caustic, Crypto could want to assemble the artifact and use it to destroy the Syndicate.

Wattson asks for more space and Wraith teleports her to a different location. She’s heartbroken, but vows never to forget. “The world is cold and harsh indeed, Papa,” she thinks. “I should have listened, but now I know.”

The Shattered Spirit could impact how Wattson interacts with the other legends, especially Crypto. The two were responsible for assembling the artifact and it’s unclear how they’ll set up the remaining pieces after the latest friction between them. It also shows a different side of Wattson that doesn’t match her usual peppy self and could provide an opportunity for character development—or at least new character interactions.