T1 adds 3 new Apex Legends players

T1 first entered the competitive Apex scene on March 15.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Korean esports organization T1 has signed three Apex Legends players today. “Selly,” “Karonpe,” and “Parkha” have been added to T1’s professional Apex squad.

T1 first entered the competitive Apex scene on March 15, 2018 with the signing of “Kurt,” “BcJ,” and “ZerG.” But now, over six months later, the organization has signed three new players to form another three-man squad under the T1 banner.

The original three T1 players earned close to $30,000 in winnings across the FACEIT Pro Series, X-Games, and more, according to the Apex Legends Liquidpedia page.

T1 is known as Korea’s most popular organization in esports and it seems like it’s focused on bringing home more trophies. The organization also has two battle royale content creators under its banner with Kim “JuanKorea” Bong-sang and Michael “Sonii” Sherman, and T1 added six new Fortnite players today, too.

Apex entered its third season on Oct. 1 with the debut of a new map, World’s Edge. Players will also be able to enjoy Apex’s Halloween event on Oct. 15.