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T1 signs 2 Fortnite trios

T1 has added six new Fortnite players.

Image via T1

T1 has increased its presence in the popular battle royale Fortnite by officially adding six players to its roster. 

The Korean-based organization revealed that “Spidermon,” “Peterpan,” and “Hood.J” are the first trio to join T1, while “KoiGod,” “SinOoh,” and “Envy” round out the second squad. These players will be competing in Asian-based tournaments, especially for qualification into the next World Cup. Some players, such as Peterpan, have competed under the T1 banner before, but each of them are now officially signed to the organization.

Peterpan is arguably the most notable player after he finished 19th in the Fortnite World Cup Solo competition in July, winning $112,500. He was the second-best performer from the Asian region, following Hong Kong player Nate “Kreo” Kou who finished fourth. 

Hood.J is another player with considerable skill. Although he’s only 14 years old, he finished 55th in the Fortnite World Cup Solo competition, while former T1 player “Arius” finished in last place. 

T1 is known for its legendary League of Legends team that’s won multiple world championships and most recently came in first place at the 2019 LCK Summer Playoffs in August. But the organization is moving forward into the battle royale genre. 

Although the Asian scene is considered to be one of the weaker regions in Fortnite, these two trios can certainly compete with some of the best players from Europe and North America. 

These competitors will most likely play in the next Fortnite Championship Series that’s expected to continue in the next season of Fortnite