Respawn working on single-player game in Apex universe, according to job listing

What could this game look like?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Titanfall game fans were expecting may not be the FPS title Respawn is developing in the Apex Legends universe. According to the job description, the developer will have a great deal of freedom in creating the world, and a tweet last year mentioned a “brand new” single-player experience, so it sounds like this is the start of a newer franchise in the universe.

The tweet last year was from Mohammad Alavi, who has worked on both Titanfall games and Apex Legends, but Mohammad has not mentioned the game since. Our new information comes from the senior engineer position, as found by Dexerto

The job postings provide a small amount of information. It will be up to the developers to craft this new experience in a way that appeals to them. The Respawn website describes the game as an “Apex Universe FPS Incubation title.” Many of the jobs from the original tweet were also seeking senior positions, so a small team may be building the base of the game before Respawn will approve full development.

Those are the only details we can glean from the job postings, but this will certainly be related to Titanfall or Apex Legends. As it’s set in the same universe, we may be able to see how it adds to the lore of both games by expanding the universe. Some fans might be disappointed that Titanfall 3 won’t be released, but the game might be even better than many expected when Respawn reveals the project. We won’t know if it’s about to be revealed until we see a job listing for non-senior level developers, which would mean it’s further in development.