Newton leaves another message for Horizon in Apex Legends’ latest teaser

The heartbreaking story continues.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Horizon’s son Newton left another message for her in Apex Legends’ latest teaser. It’s a follow-up to a memo from earlier this week. Newton’s messages could hint at a significant development for Horizon’s backstory—and further intensify their connection to Ash.

“Dr. Reid said you died, but you didn’t die,” Newton says in the message. “Everyone says it was a dream, but I know it’s real. You came back, like you said [static].” In an earlier voice memo, Newton said he remembered reuniting with his mother—even though she was stranded in space and presumed dead at the time.

Like its predecessor, the latest video log also contains a nod to Ash during the finale of The Broken Ghost. The message code is “T2Q.J8R.O1W,” a transcription of one of Ash’s voice lines in the season five quest: “Beta Gate, Tango to Quebec, Julia 8 Romeo, Oscar 1 Whiskey.”

Horizon’s sad backstory stole (and broke) the hearts of Apex fans when it first came out. After an energy crisis affected the city of Olympus, the brilliant astrophysicist Dr. Mary Somers embarked on a journey deep into space to find a resource called Branthium, a solution to the imminent disaster. She brought along her assistant, Dr. Reid, who stole the Branthium from Dr. Somers’ hands and left her stranded in space.

Dr. Somers eventually found her way back to her hometown, but 87 years had elapsed in her absence. Everything she’d ever known, including her son Newton, was gone. She joined the Apex Games to gather funding to research time travel and reunite with her son—even if she has to “rewrite the bloody laws of the universe” to do it, as she says.

The video logs hint at the existence of yet another message for Horizon, which will likely make its way to the battle royale in the coming days and could contain an important development for Horizon’s narrative.