New set of hopups discovered in early Apex season 3 gameplay footage

Say goodbye to the Disruptor Rounds meta.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Recent gameplay footage for Apex Legends’ season three unveiled new information regarding Meltdown and the changes in store for the battle royale, including a new set of hopups.

Electronic Arts invited a number of content creators to Los Angeles to try out the content coming to Apex in season three. YouTuber staycation released a video of his gameplay while at the Apex headquarters and shared information regarding the two new hopups today.

The first of the two hopups is called Double Tap Trigger and is for the G7 Scout and the EVA-8. Attaching the hopup allows users to fire two quick shots with each trigger pull. The second hopup, called Anvil Receiver, and is a legendary item for the VK-47 Flatline or the R-301. It increases semi-auto damage but reduces the weapon’s rate of fire and expends more ammo.

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Both the Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercer hopups have been removed from the game, according to the gameplay footage. At different points in the video, staycation can be seen using an Alternator or a Wingman. The two guns are missing their hopup slots in the game’s HUD, suggesting the two attachments no longer exist in the battle royale.

The recent Apex meta has heavily circulated around the Alternator and its Disruptor Rounds hopup, but Respawn is seemingly looking to shake things up by removing the attachment from the game.

Players will be able to try out the new hopups when season three launches tomorrow at 2pm CT.