How to play Revenant in Apex Legends

Hone your skills with the Synthetic Nightmare.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends’ fourth season dropped yesterday, introducing a new playable champion to the game, Revenant. The robotically engineered assassin sports a versatile kit and will likely take some getting used to for players looking to try the Synthetic Nightmare out.

Revenant’s kit encourages an aggressive playstyle, but players can use his abilities as zoning tools or a means of escape. His ultimate ability introduces a new mechanic to the battle royale and serves as a way for players to take on the offensive with an insurance plan in case things go south.


Revenant’s passive allows players to walk faster while crouched—as fast as his normal walk—and to climb walls twice as long as other legends. Players can use this ability to maneuver throughout World’s Edge’s numerous cities and reposition to high ground quickly.

Tactical (Q)—Silence

For his tactical ability, Revenant throws out a device that deals damage within a radius and disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds. The device’s radius is rather small, meaning players will need to position the ability carefully. Like grenades, however, players can take aim by holding Q while they decide when and where to launch the device.

The device does 11 damage if it hits an enemy or if they walk into the ability’s radius. Even if the enemy leaves the device’s radius, they will remain silenced for the rest of the silence’s duration.

Silence works best when used before players push a fight. The ability prevents enemies from counter-attacking, but Revenant players will need to ensure they’re not launching the grenade-like device into a Wattson ultimate or else the ability will be absorbed by the enemy defenses. Silence’s radius can also be used as a zoning tool; placing it in doorways forces opponents to choose between moving through the doorway and getting silenced or avoiding the path altogether.

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Ultimate—Death Totem

Revenant’s ultimate places down a stationary totem. Allies can then interact with the totem and enter a shadow mode, which ignores shield damage and respawns players back at the totem with a sliver of health if they’re killed. Shadow mode lasts roughly 30 seconds, so if players aren’t killed in that time, they’ll exit the shadow mode and the totem will disappear.

Death Totem works best when used prior to engaging an enemy team. If players hide the totem before engaging, they’ll have a few moments to heal while opponents try to find its location. Players leave a brief trail leading to where the totem is, however, that may give away the location of the death totem.