How to change Reticle Color in Apex Legends?

Time to invent new colors.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While it takes more than a decent aim to get better in Apex Legends, your aim will often be the deciding factor in one-vs-ones or any other types of crucial moments.

Competitive players spend hours perfecting their aim by completing various exercises and fine-tuning their settings. Even your crosshair and reticle color can affect your performance, but the reticle color hasn’t been up for debate until now.

Respawn Entertainment recently released a sneak peek of the reticle color system that was coming to Apex, allowing players to create their custom reticle colors while playing the game.

Players can create their custom reticle colors under Gameplay Settings. After applying the changes, all reticle colors except for the four and ten times Digital Sniper and one-time Digital Threats will feature your custom design.

 The custom reticle color system allows players to do the following:

  • Pick a reticle color based on developers’ choices
  • Manually enter an RGB color
  • Use the sliders to find a custom color combination that you like

Players had to rely on Apex’s Color Blind Mode to change their reticle color in the past since it was the only feature that introduced different reticle colors. If you used this method in the past, it might be a decent time to turn it off before trying out custom reticle designs since the color blind mode will affect the end result.  

To turn off the Color Blind Mode, do the following:

  • Launch Apex and open your Settings
  • Navigate to the Gameplay tab
  • Find Color Blind Mode in the Accessibility section

While the default reticle color can do the job in most cases, most players prefer using more vibrant colors. This makes it easier to keep track of their reticle while they’re aiming toward players or players that feature a wide range of colors which can sometimes cause players to lose track of their reticles.

A green reticle, for example, may be hard to notice if you’re aiming at the grass, but a neon green will be much easier to keep track of.