Best legends to pair with Seer, the Ambush Artist in Apex Legends

"If they stare, give them something to see."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In a flourish of style and grace, Seer has arrived on the battlefield of Apex Legends as the game’s latest playable character. Once considered a cursed child, the icon of the shunned brings good fortunes and even better abilities to help your squad pick up multiple dubs wherever you decide to take him.

Apex is ultimately a team game, and even though Seer has a ton of useful talents, he’ll need the help of his friends to become a champion. Those friends must have the right tools to create a deadly combination of skills to bring shock and awe to the hearts and minds of the opponents who stand in the way of success.

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First, Seer has multiple ways to detect and track his enemies. He can mark them so that his allies can spot them through walls, which can help enhance other legends’ effectiveness with the incredible amount of information he can garner.

Here are some of the best legends to choose alongside Seer.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bangalore is a perfect legend to pick with a Seer on your team because her smokes can give you an advantage when used with his tactical ability, Focus of Attention. The ability has Seer deploy a tunnel-shaped swarm of micro-drones that send out a blast after a brief pause. The blast does 10 damage, but more importantly, it interrupts opponent actions like revives, abilities, and items. It also reveals enemies and their health bars.

If timed properly, Bangalore can launch some Smoke Canisters on top of her enemies and Seer can use his tactical to mark and reveal them. This should allow your team to get free hits during the smoke duration, while the enemy team must shoot back blindly or be forced to run. Even if they do run, the smoke also allows your squad to chase after them without much retaliation from the opposing team.

Seer’s ultimate, Exhibit, can be combined to the same effect since the ability reveals the location of enemies that are moving quickly or firing weapons within the dome’s area-of-effect. Bangalore’s Smoke Canisters can even hide the location of the device that’s activating the dome since enemies will look to destroy it once it’s thrown out.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Even though he might be one of the game’s more outspoken characters, Fuse has some great synergy with Seer’s quiet genius and his various scouting abilities. Once Seer detects any enemies with his abilities, that can allow the explosives expert to toss some well-placed grenades or a knuckle cluster to flush them out of hiding and right into the firing line of your team.

Fuse can also use his ultimate, the Motherlode, to trap people into a certain area before Seer throws out Exhibit. With this combo of ults, there’s nowhere for the enemy teams to hide or run to since they’ll be stuck inside the circle of fire and will be getting spotted by the micro-drones at the same time.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bringing in a Gibby with a Seer might be confusing at first, but the big guy’s kit has plenty of ways to work with Seer. His Defensive Bombardment ability, for example, can scramble enemies and force them into buildings and cover, which is where Seer will shine by revealing them with his own set of abilities. Your enemies will be sitting ducks while you walk up and eliminate them in their hiding holes.

Another great combination that can work in a pinch is throwing Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection on top of Seer’s Exhibit, which prevents it from being broken by enemies at ranged distances. If any opponents want to destroy Seer’s device, they’ll need to run out of cover and into the dome, which should leave them relatively exposed for a quick takedown by one of your squadmates.