Are Apex Legends’ servers down? Here’s how to check

Use these sources to check the servers.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games available. Thousands of players enjoy the intense gameplay and unique abilities of each legend that keep gameplay entertaining. But Apex does go down from time to time due to technical issues, leaving players confused and frustrated. 

Here are the best ways to check if the Apex servers are down or if another issue is impacting gameplay. 

Official Apex accounts

The Apex page on the EA Help website lists the Apex server status for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC game servers. Major problems will be reflected here and players should check here first. 

The official Apex Twitter account will also typically announce any significant connection issues or server problems. This is an excellent source to check since it’s official and constantly updated. But smaller problems aren’t usually announced, so specific regions experiencing problems may not be addressed publicly. 

Players can also reference the EA Help Twitter account to see if other players are reporting problems or report the issue themselves. 

Down Detector

Down Detector is a third-party website that tracks the servers of popular games like Apex. Players can see the most reported issues, an outage map, and a timeline of reported problems. Players can also comment on the page to let others know if they’re still experiencing issues or if they’ve been resolved. 

Down Detector isn’t an official EA site, but it’s usually accurate and reliable. 

Apex Legends Status

Apex Legends Status is another third-party website dedicated to tracking Apex issues on each platform. The page breaks down each platform’s status, crossplay, and EA accounts to give players as much information as possible. 

The website also shows the connection of each server, which lets players know what type of ping to expect in their matches. This is also an unofficial source, but it’s usually accurate. 

Other network issues

The Apex servers might not always be the problem, though. Other network issues can prevent players from connecting to matches. Console players should check the status of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network if they notice other problems outside of Apex

These resources should help Apex players isolate connection issues and check if the servers are down. Servers are typically fixed within a few hours, so don’t worry too much if you’re experiencing problems.