How to fix the “No server found” error in Apex Legends

What do you mean there are no servers?

Image via Respawn Entetainment

Not being able to find an Apex Legends server can be a frustrating experience. While Respawn Entertainment does regular maintenance on Apex, certain scenarios are out of the developer’s control.

A huge content patch can suddenly draw in more users than anticipated, causing servers to overload. Once the servers reach a point where they can’t handle the demand, they might start crashing and cause players to receive the “No server found” error message.

Although there are rare occurrences where players get the “No server found” error due to a connectivity issue on their end, the error is normally caused by server-side outages. You may be able to find a solution if the problem is on your end, but you’ll need to wait for Respawn to roll out a fix otherwise. 

Here’s everything you can do to fix the “No server found” error in Apex Legends.

Check if the servers are up

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to check Apex’s current server status. If the servers are down, you’ll have no option other than to wait for Respawn to fix the servers. This usually takes a couple of hours if the demand is too high, but you may be able to squeeze your way in by continuously trying to get into Apex.

Downdetector and other community hubs, like Reddit, are two of the most frequently updated sources. Whenever there’s a widespread issue in Apex, fans usually rush to these platforms to seek help and see if others are experiencing similar issues.

Alternatively, you can also check out Apex’s official Twitter account. Aside from all the in-game content posts, Respawn also updates fans through social media when there’s a widespread issue.

Try switching launchers

Out of all the platforms Apex is available on, Steam users deal with the “No server found” error the most. On a technical level, there shouldn’t be a difference at all, but there have also been times when only Steam users were affected by this error.

You can try switching to Origin or vice versa to rule out your platform as the root of the problem. This method is harder than it sounds since you’ll need to download Apex twice for both platforms. 

Considering how different Steam and Origin are when it comes to storing games, you won’t be able to drag your game files to the other launcher to start playing right away.

Try logging in with back-to-back attempts

If the servers are up, but they’re overloaded with players, you may be able to find yourself a spot inside by constantly trying to log in.

After receiving the error, simply close Apex and try to log in one more time by relaunching. If you still can’t get into Apex after five or more tries, chances are the servers may be down after all.

Choose another server

If you have low ping to multiple servers, you can bypass the “No server found” error by changing your server preferences. This strategy only works when there’s a regional shortage, though, and you won’t be able to get in a match if all the servers are down. Although the ping difference in the new server can be significant, it still beats waiting for servers to get fixed.

Reset your router and gaming device

If your connection prevents you from logging in, resetting your router and gaming device is the quickest solution. Resetting your router allows you to establish different routes with Respawn’s servers.

Resetting your gaming device and router lets you troubleshoot any possible software glitches, and resetting them simultaneously is more convenient than resetting them one at a time.

Change your DNS

Changing your DNS is another way of troubleshooting your home network since a faulty DNS server can also cause you to time out from the servers. A DNS server having a tough time will prevent you from establishing a decent connection with Apex’s servers. You can easily test if your default DNS servers are up by swapping to a publicly available DNS.

Most players are usually assigned random DNS addresses belonging to their internet service providers (ISP). Changing your DNS with Google’s, for example, will let you see whether your default DNS is in top shape.

Another way to troubleshoot both your DNS and home network is to try logging into Apex with your phone’s cellular data. You can connect your gaming device and phone by activating its hotspot feature. If this does the trick and you’re able to log into Apex with your mobile connection, you may want to give your ISP a call.

Submit a ticket

If nothing you’re doing seems to help and you’re certain the servers are up and running, then opening a support ticket will be your last option. The help desk may be able to figure out what’s been going on with your connection to the servers by checking their logs.

Don’t forget to provide as much as information as possible, including all the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried out to fix the error by yourself. Providing full information will help the support team reduce the number of possibilities that may be causing the error, and you may be able to receive a faster response.