All Apex Legends character pick rates

Who’s the top pick?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The world of Apex Legends holds a rapidly changing landscape. Each time a new legend is introduced or a wave of buffs and nerfs arrive, legend pick rates fluctuate based on the meta and who’s in demand at the moment. In previous seasons, characters like Horizon and Valkyrie have seen astronomical pick rates thanks to strong abilities and usability.

While it’s traditional for a new legend to dominate pick rates at the beginning of their season, things get more interesting as their power is tweaked and other legends are adjusted to compensate. Now that the first round of Seer nerfs have arrived, how are things stacking up with the rest of the crew in Apex?

Here are the current pick rates for all characters in Apex Legends. These pick rates, according to Apex Legends Status, are among PC players in all game modes and are accurate as of Aug. 26, 2021.

Octane: 16.2 percent

In the wake of Seer’s nerfs, Octane is now the most-picked legend by a longshot. Despite a round of nerfs near the end of season nine, he’s still considered one of the strongest choices.

Wraith: 11.4 percent

Wraith has always been a popular character to the point where she was considered “the TTV legend” for a long time. Based on statistical trends, many players who were using Seer have migrated to her and Octane.

Seer: 9.3 percent

While Seer’s pick rate is still high, it’s nothing compared to what it was when he first launched. On launch, his pick rate peaked at 20.49 percent, then fell continuously, even before his nerf. Since the nerfs, his pick rate has fallen from 12.48 percent to its current 9.3 percent.

Bloodhound: 8.9 percent

It’s no surprise that Bloodhound, the legend who’s been most frequently compared to Seer, has risen in pick rate since the latter’s nerfs. They’re still an all-around strong pick.

Pathfinder: Eight percent

Like most legends, Pathfinder’s pick rate has risen as Seer’s has fallen. The strength of his movement abilities keeps him within the upper echelon.

Lifeline: 7.2 percent

Lifeline struggled a bit after the removal of her revive shield, but being able to revive two legends at once and reduce the team’s reliance on syringes and med kits is still nothing to sneeze at.

Bangalore: 5.2 percent

Bangalore remains a solid pick mostly among new players since her kit is most similar to what players can find in other FPS and battle royale games. Other than the expected drop when Seer was released, her pick rate has stayed fairly steady throughout season nine and the start of season 10.

Valkyrie: Five percent

Valkyrie’s pick rate fell fairly soon after her launch and hasn’t really recovered since then. The addition of Seer as yet another recon legend likely had something to do with that, as well as the relative restrictions on her abilities.

Horizon: 4.4 percent

Horizon is one of the only legends whose pick rate fell in the wake of the Seer nerfs. The recent return of some power to her tactical has made her a more viable pick, but she’s certainly not where she was prior to season nine.

Loba: 3.9 percent

Along with Horizon, Loba sits squarely in the middle of the pick rate rankings. The usability adjustments to her tactical give her more mobility, but she still can’t hold up against highly mobile characters like Octane.

Caustic: 3.8 percent

Caustic got a decently sized buff at the beginning of season 10, but it still hasn’t been enough to really put him on the map. He’s just not good enough in open map areas to justify the pick for a lot of players.

Fuse: 3.6 percent

Like Caustic, Fuse also received a sizable buff when season 10 hit. And also like Caustic, it still hasn’t been enough. Fuse’s passive isn’t as powerful as some other legends’ and his ultimate is bulky and hard to aim.

Mirage: 3.2 percent

Poor Mirage. His pick rate has never been that high, not even in season nine. It’s gone up a little after the Seer nerfs, but it seems like no one really knows what to do with him.

Revenant: Three percent

Even after a hitbox adjustment and a big buff to his climb, Revenant’s pick rate hasn’t improved that much. Like Horizon, his pick rate actually went down after the Seer nerfs.

Gibraltar: 2.9 percent

Gibraltar sits in the bottom half of the pick rate list, alongside every other defensive legend. Players have been begging for a buff for him, but it’s unclear whether we’ll actually get one in the near future.

Crypto: 1.5 percent

Crypto’s position near the bottom of the pick rate list confirms that his playstyle runs counter to the way most people want to play the game. He’s just too slow and defenseless, particularly in higher tiers.

Wattson: 1.5 percent

Wattson is another character who very much deserves a buff. Like Caustic, she struggles in open areas, and her fences just aren’t strong enough.

Rampart: 1.3 percent

Rampart is at the very bottom of this list with the lowest pick rate of any legend in the game. Along with Crypto and Wattson, her pick rate hasn’t seen a significant adjustment since prior to season nine. Maybe that means it’s time for an adjustment.

This article will be updated during each season or when pick rates undergo a significant shift.