Apex’s Loba may use her cane in a skydive emote

A promotional image hinted at a possible emote.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn revealed Loba as Apex Legends’ next character, but the company may also have given away one of her emotes. A promotional image hints that Loba could use her cane in a skydive animation.

The image shows Loba sitting on her cane after jumping from the dropship and the device on her staff seems to rotate like a turbine or helix. The image is named “apex-screenshot-season-5-loba-skydive,” which also hints at the purpose of the animation.

Loba’s staff is one of the character’s trademark features and she used it extensively in previous animated shorts. Before her abilities were revealed, writer Ashley Reed confirmed that the artifact wouldn’t just be cosmetic and would have some use in-game. The season five launch trailer showed Loba using the cane to steal an R-301 from a nearby enemy and players speculated it was one of her skills.

The cane is also part of her ultimate, called “Black Market Boutique,” which attracts all nearby loot and opens a container with all the gathered loot. All legends, friend or foe, can get their hands on what’s inside the device.

Although Loba hasn’t made her way to the game yet, her emotes and cosmetics will be revealed on May 12 when Apex‘s fifth season, Fortune’s Favor, lands on the servers. The skydive emote will likely be part of the season five Battle Pass alongside a series of cosmetics for other legends and weapons.