Players will be able to use Loba’s staff “in some capacity” in Apex Legends

Writer Ashley Reed confirms that the weapon will make a limited appearance.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Loba’s staff will likely make an appearance after her Apex Legends debut. Writer Ashley Reed confirmed that players will be able to use her staff — but to a degree.

The remark came at an interview with content creator Staycation and featured Ashley Reed and Tom Casiello, two of Apex‘s writers who worked on Loba. Staycation asked the writers if Loba’s staff could be a part of an heirloom set given its significance.

“I will say the staff does appear, that is a thing that you will be able to use in some capacity,” Reed said.

Staycation also asked if her staff could be incorporated into her abilities. “Very well could,” Casiello said.

Loba’s staff has been a famous part of the character since a picture of a motion capture session for Apex surfaced on the internet. The actor carried a stick, which fans believed was a cane or staff, and it would likely refer to Loba.

Loba’s staff is also a nod to her parents since the wolf’s head ornament that she got from her father stands on top of the weapon. The Legacy of a Thief animated short introduced Apex fans to Loba and showed her proficiency with the blunt weapon.

It’s possible that Loba’s staff will feature in her kit to a limited degree, for instance, in one of her skills, but Respawn hasn’t confirmed it yet. Fans will have to wait for further tidbits of information in the form of trailers, or wait until season five, Fortune’s Favor, kicks off on May 12.