Apex’s Legacy battle pass challenges will be split between Arena and battle royale, will let fans choose when rerolling

You also get a free reroll every day.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Legacy battle pass will adapt to accommodate the addition of Arenas to Apex Legends. The improved system will “run parallel objectives” that can be accomplished in both modes and will give players a degree of choice, according to game director Chad Grenier.

The Legacy battle pass will offer one free reroll on a daily challenge with a twist: Players can choose if the replacement objective has to be accomplished in Arenas or battle royale.

“We wanted to make sure that we’re not forcing players too much to play one mode or the other,” Grenier said in a press conference. Subsequent rerolls will cost legend tokens as usual but will still allow players to choose the mode.

In addition, players will be able to set some challenges as favorites and track them more easily throughout matches. The feature may be a welcome change of pace from the current system, which automatically displays dailies, weeklies, and a set of challenges that are close to completion.

Having the choice to favorite several objectives at a time will make it easier to keep track of them, especially when going for multiple challenges at once. The feature could become even more useful at the final stages of a battle pass when there are dozens of challenges to monitor.

Grenier didn’t mention any significant changes to the larger structure of battle pass challenges, however. This likely means that Respawn is sticking to the season eight model following the controversy surrounding the system during its seventh season.