Apex Legends players claim Olympus is still broken after highly-awaited return

Olympus continues to stir controversy.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Olympus has made its return in Apex Legends on March 28, following an absence of over three months due to game-breaking bugs Respawn Entertainment had to fix.

Fans were thrilled to be able to enter the large map again —but this was rapidly replaced by bitter disappointment for some players.

The map was supposed to be fixed with its return, but users have been reporting numerous bugs since then.

On social media, screengrabs and videos are surfacing where players get suddenly killed for no reason when nothing is happening in their match.

Others show players not seeing damage registration displaying on the screen or abilities not working properly, such as Vantage’s Echo Relocation. More posts can be found where players complain about lag, stutter, texture issues, as well as booting crashes.

After testing, Dot Esports experienced minimap texture issues and stutter on Olympus —although none of those bugs bore a major impact on the performance. Respawn Entertainment has yet to comment on the matter, as the update was only recently introduced.

The community’s response to the latest update has been generally mixed. In addition to those disappointing bugs, players have noticed a confusing change they now ask to be reverted on looting shortkeys.

Those aside, a few quality-of-life changes on the user interface received praise, as well as some unique skins that were introduced with the ongoing event.

Fans can now complete challenges included in the Sun Squad Collection Event to get many rewards, including Apex epic packs and exclusive collectibles. The event has launched alongside the update on March 28, and will last until April 11.

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