Apex Legends player showcases new Fuse buff with game-winning play

Think twice before picking a fight with Fuse.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Fuse received a significant buff in the latest Apex Legends update, and a player showed how just effective the changes are in a game-winning clip. 

The Apex Legends Emergence patch introduced a lot of new content for players to enjoy, including several adjustments and changes to legends. Fuse received a significant update, and his Motherload ultimate ability now reveals players caught in the blast. His Knuckle Duster ability also lasts twice as long, meaning players can continuously keep an enemy in a spot while the cluster bomb explodes. 

Apex Legends player Oscaradoisepic showed both of the changes in action and how they make Fuse a much more viable character. The player and their team were fighting the final enemy team that was holding their position inside of a building. Fuse’s Motherload ability highlighted the exact location of each enemy, and the team rushed in to finish the job. 

The player downed an enemy highlighted on his screen but took significant damage from the other remaining players. They launched Fuse’s Knuckle Duster to block the entrance to buy time as they retreated to heal. After healing, they pushed the enemy again and easily killed them to win the match. 

The new highlighting feature of Fuse’s ultimate ability significantly improves its effectiveness and can help teams in intense gunfights. When combined with the ability buffs, Fuse is an excellent choice that will likely see more playtime.