Apex Legends player proposes tiers for survival items

Would you want to find a gold Heat Shield?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Have you ever opened a chest in Apex Legends and been disappointed to only find Ultimate Accelerants or Heat Shields? One enterprising player proposed a slew of changes to make these kinds of items a little more exciting.

Reddit user brickbrony came up with some new ideas for Apex‘s “survival items” to make them a little more engaging during battle royale matches. Based on their plans, which they laid out in an infographic, Ultimate Accelerants, Mobile Respawn Beacons, and Heat Shields would be split into blue, purple, and gold tiers, like weapon attachments and armor.

Each item would also gain new abilities based on its rarity. Higher tiers of Ultimate Accelerants would grant players more ultimate charge. Gold Accelerants would also “supercharge” an ultimate, increasing an ultimate’s range or power, depending on the character. Mobile Respawn Beacons would deploy faster and require less activation time at higher tiers, with gold Beacons respawning a player with blue armor and a random weapon. Finally, Heat Shields would increase players’ health vs. the Ring by a percentage at each rarity tier. Gold Beacons would also decrease the amount of time required to heal health based on the current level of the Ring.

Brickbrony asked for feedback and discussion on their ideas and Reddit obliged, as usual. Players were split on the changes: Some were excited about the potential for survival items to be more exciting in standard gameplay, but others were concerned about the overpowered potential of each item’s gold-tier bonuses. The most widely-shared criticism was that spreading each of the three items into three tiers would overload the game’s item system, making it more complex than it needs to be and making looting all the more difficult.

Critics also pointed out that adjusting Ultimate Accelerants’ ult charge potential would wreck Wattson’s passive, which relies on the standard Accelerants to be meaningful. One commenter suggested that to make the Mobile Respawn Beacon changes viable, the gun provided would need to be a starter weapon like a Mozambique or a P2020, not a completely random gun. Still, it’s always interesting to see what changes the community comes up with to try to shake up the usual Apex gameplay.