Apex Legends’ latest Town Takeover is a colossal map room

Respawn has been teasing a new POI for a few days.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends‘ mysterious hacker is getting a Town Takeover next week. Crypto’s Map Room is coming to Kings Canyon with the Lost Treasures collection event on Tuesday, June 23.

The Map Room reveal came during the EA Play Live broadcast and shows a colossal new POI on the outskirts of Repulsor. The map room contains a holographic depiction of Kings Canyon, as well as a colossal antenna that appears to shoot a sonar beam. It could be used to scan the area for enemy squads, one of the abilities of Crypto’s drone.

The reveal follows two teasers to a Town Takeover in Kings Canyon. A hacked banner near Repulsor displayed a two-part message: “If you can see me, I can see you. Watch your back.”

The choice of location is fitting: Crypto took down the Repulsor Tower in the season two launch trailer and unleashed wildlife, like Flyers and Leviathans, into the arena.

Apex‘s mysterious hacker doesn’t have as much lore as some of the other characters, but that may be due to circumstances involving his entry into the Apex Games. Tae Joon Park was an orphan who found a living as a system engineer alongside his foster sister, Mila Alexander. The two worked for the Syndicate designing broadcast drones for the Apex Games, but stumbled upon a dark secret.

The organization hunted down Mila and framed Tae Joon Park for the crime—forcing him to relinquish his former life. He adopted the persona of Crypto and hacked his way into the Apex Games to seek revenge against the Syndicate for the murder.

The Lost Treasures collection event is coming to Apex on June 23 and is bringing the Crypto Town Takeover, a series of cosmetics, a new limited-time mode, and a Mirage heirloom.