Apex Legends fans are having fun painting the Outlands with the new Graffiti hop-up

You love to see it.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It didn’t take long for Apex Legends fans to get their creative juices flowing.

Respawn deployed the Graffiti hop-up to Apex Legends yesterday, giving the Spitfire LMG the ability to adorn walls and enemies with paint. And with the Outlands as their muse, some fans are busying themselves with original pieces all over Kings Canyon.

Here are some fan creations making good use out of the new hop-up.

Fans have unsurprisingly already painted Apex’s adorable mascot, Nessie. Respawn has gone through great lengths to allow fans to interact with the cryptozoological creature, adding in tons of plushies, gun charms, and even an Easter egg to summon Nessie.

Screengrab via u/Njoliva

Since the only colors provided are green, yellow, and purple, it’s almost as if Respawn expected fans to paint Nessies all over the Outlands.

Screengrab via u/todoroki_wanabi

In a similar vein to Nessie, one player drew a dinosaur that fans claim is reminiscent of Reptar from Rugrats.

Screengrab via u/CyberneticDiabetic

Another fan brought back the nostalgic “S” that students doodled on their notebooks in elementary school, explaining that this is the “true purpose of the graffiti mod.”

Screengrab via u/ihetyou123

One player paid homage to the late Kobe Bryant, who passed away earlier this year.

Screengrab via u/makaylayagirl

And a couple expressed their love in the Firing Range, drawing a purple heart around themselves.

Fans can experiment with the new hop-up in the Firing Range or jump into the exciting Always Be Closing Evolved limited-time mode, which runs until Aug. 18.

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