Graffiti hop-up added in Apex Legends’ newest limited-time mode

Rampart is coming soon.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

With the release of the newest Stories from the Outlands trailer and a new limited-time event, Always Be Closing Evolved, Apex Legends also pushed the long-rumored Graffiti hop-up for the Spitfire light machine gun to the live servers today exclusively for the event. Bearing Rampart’s trademark “R” symbol that’s found on weapon skins and spray-painted teasers throughout the game, the mod further ties together the newest character with the game’s biggest guns.

As earlier reports indicated, the hop-up increases the magazine size of the Spitfire and shortens the reload time for the LMG. The Spitfire already had one of the biggest magazine capacities of any weapon in the game, so it’s safe to say players who like to hold down primary fire will be pleased with the new mod.

But that’s not all the mod does. The Graffiti mod stays true to its name and makes the Spitfire’s rounds paint-loaded, while the firing mode gives you options as to what color you’d like to shoot. A few more creative players have already tested out the gun’s artistic capabilities on some of the buildings and cover in World’s Edge.

While this may be a forerunner to some of Rampart’s abilities, for now, it’s a fun way for players to express themselves in the game without necessarily shooting someone. With the mod’s debut in the game today, there’s no telling what you’ll see drawn on the walls in Apex.

The Graffiti mod can be found in the Firing Range if you want to test it out. But if you want to see it in combat, you’ll need to drop into the Always Be Closing Evolved limited-time mode, which is now live and runs until Aug. 18, when Apex season six: Boosted is released.