All Apex Legends error codes and how to fix them

Here are the most well-known issues in Apex and what they mean.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since its release in February 2019, Apex Legends has seen countless bugs. Some have been fixed, but others are still happening.

Here are Apex’s well-known issues, their meaning, and how to fix them.

Before trying the solutions listed below, remember to reboot your computer or console and check the Apex servers status. Repairing the game files or running it as administrator are also some of the most effective ways to fix various errors.

Error NameMeaningSolution
apex_crash.txtThe game crashed.-Repair the Apex Legends game files (client, game library, repair).
-Delete Origin cache files (Windows Key + R with Origin closed, type %ProgramData% and OK).
-Update video drivers.
-Delete Microsoft Visual C++.
-Increase Windows virtual memory size.
CE-34878-0Game freezes or crashes on PS4.Settings -> Audio -> turn of “Convert incoming voice to chat text.”
Communication issue with the GPU (handled by DirectX) for Nvidia users.Download the last Nvidia Game Ready drivers dedicated to Apex and other games.
gnutPlayer is disconnected from the game.The issue concerns the servers. Apex released a fix to correct it. If it still happens, though, it’s not a problem on your end.
leafPlayer disconnects from the game or the game crashes.Restart your WiFi or use the Ethernet network, reboot your PC, and check your connection.
If it’s still not resolved, it’s an issue concerning EA servers.
r5apex.exeIssue when starting the game.1. In the game’s folder, right click on r5apex -> Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Select run this program in compatibility for Windows 7 + Run as administrator.
2. Launch the anti-cheat and select Repair Service.
shoePlayers disconnect and go back to lobby after 5 mn game time.-Reinstall the game.
-For PC, turn down the video memory.
-Reboot your connection.
wheelPlayers get timed out of their games.Restart your WiFi or use the Ethernet network, reboot your PC, and check your connection.
If it’s still not resolved, it’s an issue from EA’s servers.
23The game doesn’t launch.-Make sure your EA and Origin info match.
-Windows Key + R, type appwiz.cpl and Enter -> Repair the last version found, or Reinstall it.
-Update your graphic drivers.
100Disconnection issue on PS4.-Verify the Apex servers status.
-Reboot your connection and PS4.
4294967287Issue with DirectX blocking the download.-Open /drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/Game Name/__Installer/directx/redistand delete all .cab files.
-Deactivate your antivirus during the download.

Some other bugs don’t have a code name and can happen after important updates or server issues. For example, the “Party not ready” bug can be fixed simply by restarting the game or creating a lobby initiated by another player.

The “Party Leader Quit” issue can be fixed by taking back the lead of the party. Lastly, the PC bug “Out of Sync with server” can be fixed by changing the settings of the game. In the Video tab, set “Texture Streaming Budget” to “None.” This will reduce the resolution of the game. If it’s not enough, other video options can be lowered.