How to fix Apex Legends error code shoe

It looks like season three is taking a heavy toll on the servers.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since the release of Apex Legends season three yesterday, players have complained about error code shoe unwillingly booting them from the game.

This time, the issue is targeting players from all platforms, disconnecting them after five minutes of playtime and throwing them back to the main lobby. But what is error code shoe and how do you fix it?

The root of the error code is unknown at this time, but according to a representative from EA, it could be related to a number of issues. If you’re experiencing the dreaded error code shoe, reinstalling the game is your best bet. It might be a pain, especially if your download speed isn’t the best, but it should replenish any corrupted files and resolve the issue.

If this doesn’t work and error code shoe is still running rampant, then there are a few other methods you can try. This won’t work for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One users, but if you’re playing on PC, turning down your video memory could fix the problem. 

It appears that the latest patch is using up more memory than usual and causing strain for older generations of graphics cards. To solve this, simply navigate to settings in Apex, find video memory, and lower it. 

If you’ve tried this and you’re still stuck with error code shoe, reset your network. The issue may be related to an unknown connection error. Rebooting your modem and your router, as well as your console or PC, could snap the game back into action and fix the problem. This isn’t a guaranteed method, but if previous error codes are anything to go by, it may work.