Limited Dark Magician alternate manga art revealed for Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Battle of Chaos

After 20 years, the original art returns.

Image via Konami

Battle of Chaos is the next main set releasing for the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG after Burst of Destiny, and with it comes new support for the iconic Dark Magician. And what would Magician support be without the ultimate wizard?

The original presale listing for the set confirmed that there would be a special coupon given out as part of a promotional campaign. This campaign would then give players a chance to claim a “special illustration” version of the Dark Magician. 

Konami has now shared more details about the special card, revealing that the Dark Magician in question will be the first official printing of the card’s original manga design in the OCG, and will presumably make its way over to the TCG with Battle of Chaos too.

Image via Konami

Older Yu-Gi-Oh! fans might remember seeing this in the Bandai version of the cardgame that was released alongside the Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 anime and Toei Animation in 1998.

According to the official reveal, 2,500 people who purchase Battle of Chaos will win an Ultra Rare copy of the new Dark Magician. The raffle will be held using coupons given out when purchasing sealed products from the set, with more details to be shared for OCG players later. 

This card will likely make it over to the TCG as a separate promotion or inside of Battle of Chaos as a Starlight or high rarity chase card. 

Battle of Chaos releases for the OCG on Oct. 16, with the Dark Magician raffle starting the same day.