Where is VALORANT’s Gekko from? Gekko’s nationality, explained

He's almost ready to initiate.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’S 22nd agent Gekko met with the fans earlier than expected due to artwork leaks. Shortly after that, Riot Games released details regarding Gekko’s abilities, and the eager wait for the new initiator agent commenced.

Gekko is expected to become available in VALORANT on March 7, and there’s still much to learn about him, including his nationality.

Where is Gekko from in VALORANT?

Gekko is from the U.S., Los Angeles to be exact. But he also has Latin American ties as he and his mother can be heard talking in Spanish during his reveal trailer.

VALORANT’s narrative writer, Joe Killeen, said that Riot was looking to introduce an agent whose personality was “shaped by the blending of two different worlds,” making Los Angeles the perfect choice as a hometown.

In the trailer, even Reyna appears at the end, and the two agents briefly discuss Gekko’s new hair color.

How to unlock Gekko in VALORANT

Players can unlock Gekko by completing his agent contract in VALORANT. Alternatively, fans can also subscribe to Xbox Game Pass since the agent will become available for Game Pass members upon his release.

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What is Gekko’s real name in VALORANT?

Gekko’s real name is Mateo in VALORANT. In his reveal trailer, fans can hear his mother using the name Mateo while calling Gekko.

How old is Gekko in VALORANT?

Riot hasn’t shared any official details regarding Gekko’s age in VALORANT. Considering he still lives with his parents in the trailer, however, Gekko could be one of the youngest agents in VALORANT

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