VALORANT’s new account leveling system isn’t properly rewarding longtime players for time played, Riot ‘looking into a fix’

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

Riot introduced a new account leveling feature in today’s VALORANT Episode Three patch. But there appears to be an issue.

Patch 3.0’s progression system rewards players for simply putting time into VALORANT, offering display borders that you can level up by simply playing. The account leveling system was supposed to retroactively award longtime players based on how much they’ve already played in the previous two episodes. But the system isn’t working as intended.

The VALORANT Twitter explained that the level cap for longtime players is much lower than intended. Many players are starting off at level seven, out of a potential 499 levels, even if they’ve participated in Episodes One and Two. The devs are looking into a fix and “hope” to update it in a “future patch.”

Since there doesn’t appear to be a set timeline, players will simply have to be patient. You can still level up your account by playing any game mode and Riot offers a daily XP bonus for your first win of the day. Riot will likely increase the cap later on to better match the time each player put into the tac shooter.

In addition to the account leveling system, Episode Three introduces new agent KAY/O, a fresh battle pass, and a slew of balance changes.