Riot details VALORANT’s upcoming account leveling system in Episode 3, will retroactively place players based on time played

Thank you, Riot.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players will finally have something to show for all the time they put into Riot’s tac shooter.

Senior competitive designer Jon “EvrMoar” Walker detailed the upcoming player progression system during today’s Episode Three developer livestream, detailing how account leveling will work. In tomorrow’s Episode Three patch, players will immediately be retroactively rewarded an account level based on how much VALORANT they’ve played so far.

“There’s three ways to rewards players: time, skill, and money,” EvrMoar said. “We’re really good at rewarding your skill, you can buy skin rewards with money in the battle pass, we don’t have a way to reward your time. So this is the first initial step.”

The account levels will be broken up into different tiers, with each category giving you a different border. Levels one to 99, for example, will be a basic gray color while levels 400 to 499 will be a more shiny platinum blue. And the later you are in your level tier, the more intricate your border will look. Level 400 will have a less detailed border than level 480. Judging from the image Riot provided, it seems like a player’s level will appear on their banner next to their Act Rank badge.

Episode Three: Reflection kicks off tomorrow, introducing new agent KAY/O, a fresh battle pass, and a myriad of weapon and agent balance changes.

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