Here are all of the abilities for KAY/O, VALORANT’s new robotic agent

The upcoming initiator debuts with Episode Three: Reflection next week.

Image via Riot Games

For VALORANT players yearning to go back to their tactical shooter roots, KAY/O can help with that.

Riot introduces a new killer robot in VALORANT‘s Episode Three: Reflection, kicking off on June 22 with tons of new content. The initiator’s debut also brings about a suppression feature that prevents players from using their abilities, along with a revive mechanic commonly seen in battle royales. With players forced to rely on gunplay rather than abilities, KAY/O is sure to test your aim.

Here are all of KAY/O’s abilities.

E – ZERO/point

KAY/O equips a suppression blade that, when thrown, sticks to the first surface it hits. The knife then winds up and suppresses anyone caught in the explosion radius, rendering their abilities useless.

Q – FLASH/drive

KAY/O equips a flash grenade that explodes after its thrown, blinding enemies in its line of sight. Right-clicking the grenade causes it to only cook for one second before exploding. Left-clicking cooks the flash for 1.6 seconds longer.

C – FRAG/ment

KAY/O equips an explosive fragment that sticks to the floor when thrown. The fragment explodes multiple times and deals near lethal damage at the center with each explosion.

Ultimate – NULL/cmd

KAY/O instantly overloads with polarized radianite energy, empowering him and causing large energy pulses to emit from his location. Enemies hit with the pulses are suppressed for a short duration.

KAY/O also gains a combat stim while overloaded. If the robot is killed while overloaded, he’s downed and enters a destabilized state that allows allies to revive him by stabilizing his core.

The new agent’s place in the meta will be unclear until players and pros get their hands on him. But KAY/O introduces new mechanics that are sure to create unique ways of approaching the game. Suppression has the potential to place everyone on the same level, with sentinels having just as much round impact as duelists if caught in KAY/O’s abilities. And teams fighting over the robot’s downed body will likely cause similar interactions to Sage’s Resurrection, with allies protecting their teammate while enemies try to push their advantage.

KAY/O’s debut, along with Episode Three: Reflection, is only five days away. So players would be wise to hit the range in preparation.

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