VALORANT’s Act II ranked seeding accidentally deployed prior to patch, causing some players to complete placements early

Affected players should see their MMR recalibrated after their first ranked match today.

Image via Riot Games

It appears some VALORANT players got an early start on the Act II ranked season.

Riot accidentally deployed Act II’s ranked seeding last night, causing some fans to play their placement games early. Players who jumped into a ranked match between 2am CT and 11am CT today will likely be demoted due to an Act II MMR recalibration for the next competitive season.

Act II will soft reset players’ MMR and put you into “abridged placements” for three games, placing most players about two tiers lower than their Act I rank. Those who played ranked this morning prior to VALORANT going down for the patch unknowingly completed their placement matches, even though their rank didn’t show it.

For players who completed placements early, your rank should recalibrate after your first post-patch Competitive match. You’ll also skip your placement matches for Act II.

Despite all players being placed lower in Act II, players will have the opportunity to get their old MMR back quickly if they play especially well.

“We’ll be increasing how heavily we weigh performance in your early games so you can improve your matchmaking rank if you play well and win,” Riot said in a July 27 blog post.

The Act II patch is now underway, featuring new agent Killjoy, Raze nerfs, a fresh battle pass, and the cyberpunk-themed Glitchpop skin line.