Raze’s ultimate and Blast Packs take a hit in VALORANT Patch 1.05 nerfs

"Fire in the hole."

Image via Riot Games

Raze mains, look away. This isn’t going to be pretty.

The explosive, rocket-launcher-wielding agent is receiving nerfs in today’s VALORANT Patch 1.05 notes, with her ultimate and Blast Pack getting tweaked. This should provide enemies with more counterplay, allowing them to best Raze with precise gunplay.

The equip time for Showstopper is being increased so that opponents have “more time to plan and acquire Raze” when hearing her scream “fire in the hole.” Showstopper’s standard equip time is increasing from 1.1 seconds to 1.4. The quick equip time was also increased to 0.7 seconds, from 0.5, which allows players to arm the rocket launcher quicker when casting it in between satchels.

And a slight reduction to the VFX when firing the rocket and its trail should help players identify Raze easier and potentially get a trade kill.

Raze’s Blast Packs are also getting nerfed to 50 damage, down from 75. But its damage to objects, like Sage’s wall, will consistently be 600.

“We want to reduce this ability’s efficacy at damaging players while sharpening its ability at clearing enemy utility and obstacles,” Riot said.

While two Blast Packs will no longer be able to kill a fully-shielded player, it should be better at blasting through the enemy’s defense. This should be especially helpful with Killjoy’s upcoming release.

A rocket launcher, grenades, and explosive satchels are generally no place for a tactical shooter. But VALORANT fuses abilities with precise shooting in the hope that it’ll complement gunplay. These changes should help purists feel better when facing Raze’s combustible abilities.