Killjoy disabled in VALORANT due to another turret bug

Those turrets...

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is disabling one of its newer VALORANT agents because of a game-breaking bug.

Killjoy has been disabled in VALORANT as the developers work on a fix for a for a bug that allows the agent to place turrets underneath the map. Riot did not give a timetable for when she would be re-enabled.

This bug allowed players to protect a bombsite or another area of the map with a turret without enemies being able to see the turret. Numerous players reported the bug on Reddit and Twitter, with many of the reports coming from a specific spot on Haven. In those cases, a turret would be placed near the Garage, which could shut down one bombsite.

This is not the first time Killjoy’s turrets have caused an issue. They had a similar effect on Icebox, VALORANT’s newest map, in October. Players discovered the bug on Split back in August, too.

Without Killjoy in the agent pool at the moment, some teams competing in the First Strike tournaments may have to change some of their strategies. It’s possible the agent will make her return before Dec. 3, when the regional events begin, but teams will likely have a backup plan in case she does not.