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The Planet Crafter character poiting at the plants they've grown
Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Planet Crafter beginner’s guide: 5 tips and tricks for starting out

Start your terraforming journey with ease.

When you step into the world of The Planet Crafter, it’s like entering a universe waiting to be explored, but it can also be a daunting space odyssey for beginner terraformers. To ease into this exciting space adventure, here are five essential tips and tricks you should keep in mind when crafting your own planet.

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The Planet Crafter beginner tips and tricks

1) You need the higher ground

The Planet Crafter character waving underwater. Screenshot by Dot Esports
Be careful where you build your base in The Planet Crafter, or you’ll end up in Subnautica. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

When in a galaxy far, far away you need the higher ground not to go underwater (not lava). As you dive deeper into The Planet Crafter you’ll witness the transformation of your surroundings through your effort at terraforming the deserted planet. With progress comes change, and in this case, some areas of your starting point might become flooded. This could spell trouble for your base, especially if you built it around the standard crashing area as it could be flooded and end up underwater.

If your base is flooded, water will disrupt the production of oxygen, so it’s wise to construct your base on elevated terrain. By doing so, you ensure the safety of your house, even as the environment undergoes significant shifts.

2) Become a multi-property owner

The Planet Crafter character waving with several houses behind them. Screenshot by Dot Esports
In The Planet Crafter, you could build your own city. Screenshot by Dot Esports

When trying to terraform a planet you must venture into hostile environments, which becomes tricky if the atmosphere doesn’t have oxygen. But, venturing into new territories is essential for gathering resources, and your oxygen tank might not be sufficient to make a long journey—here’s where real estate comes into play.

As you journey further, consider building simple living quarters along the way to supply your need for air. These makeshift The Planet Crafter shelters serve as temporary havens where you can avoid dying while also storing valuable resources found during your travels, which could be lost if you end up consuming your reserves of oxygen while going back to your base. By establishing these outposts strategically, you create a network of support structures that facilitate efficient resource gathering and exploration.

3) Embrace exploration, with all its risks

The Planet Crafter character waving with glaciers behind them. Screenshot by Dot Esports
Canyons and glaciers are just some of the biomes you can explore in The Planet Crafter. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

The heart of The Planet Crafter lies in cultivating a planet while exploring your world. However, exploration is not without its dangers, as we already mentioned. Whether it’s navigating treacherous terrain or avoiding sudden meteor showers, there’s always a risk involved, however, if you’re playing with the base settings, you don’t have to worry too much.

In case of death in The Planet Crafter, you’ll find yourself back at the very last building you entered with 50 percent of the inventory you had when you blacked out. However, be cautious, as your health won’t regenerate over time and fall damage can be fatal—just like meteor showers. Occasionally you’ll experience showers; seek shelter, as the meteors won’t destroy buildings but can be lethal for you. And yet, for as deadly they are, just like falling stars they can grant you a wish, or better, leave rare materials where they drop.

4) The power of deconstruction

In the vast expanse of The Planet Crafter, resource scarcity is a common challenge, especially in the early stages. But when you’re faced with a shortage of specific materials crucial for builds, resourcefulness becomes your greatest asset. One strategy is deconstruction—dismantling existing structures to obtain valuable materials. By repurposing these resources, you can overcome scarcity and continue building and terraforming your planet.

5) Harness wireless energy

The Planet Crafter character with several wind turbines behind them. Screenshot by Dot Esports
One does never have enough wind turbines. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Gone are the days of cumbersome cables and proximity limitations. Power generation in The Planet Crafter operates on a wireless system, revolutionizing energy distribution across the planet while powering your base no matter where it is.

Whether it’s wind, solar, or nuclear, power, generators transmit energy wirelessly, powering the essential machinery and infrastructure throughout your planet. However, maintaining a delicate balance between supply and demand is crucial to prevent overloads with, sadly, subsequent shutdowns. But by mastering the art of energy management, you ensure the seamless operation and sustainability of your infrastructures.

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