Top TFT players race to rank up in Masters Mayhem: Clash of Fates

Pound those energy drinks because the race is on.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Azir
Image via Riot Games

Top Teamfight Tactics competitors and streamers on the North America and Europe West servers will race to Master rank with the launch of Set Four in the Masters Mayhem: Clash of Fates tournament. 

Scheduled to release on Sept. 16, Set Four Fates will feature a unique tournament created by TFT players GingerTFT, Deathboose, Sunnylu, and FluffyHS. Sponsored by Giant Slayer TV and organized by Rissakah, the Clash of Fates tournament is open to all TFT players.

Pro players like Kitting is Hard, Kurumx, Mismatched Socks, and Dark Hydra have already signed up. Willing competitors can also register on Discord. Sign-ups will close once the rank reset for Set Four has occurred. 

The race officially begins with the TFT Set Four ladder reset and will end when three winners from each server have reached Master. Only players on the Europe West and North American servers can participate in the Masters Mayhem: Clash of Fates tournament.

Since the event was first announced, hundreds of players in both regions have signed up to participate in the first race to Masters in TFT. A full list of every competetor in the NA and EU, along with their profiles and Twitch channels can be found here.

The hype for TFT Set Four is real. The PBE servers were overloaded with players yesterday when it launched. The Fates set features a total of 58 champions, new and reworked items, and the new Chosen mechanic. A special preview of Set Four will also take place on Sept. 5, featuring the top eight players from the TFT Galaxies World Championship on Riot’s Twitch channel.

Update Sept. 15 at 2:15pm CT: An estemated number of participants competing in the TFT Masters Mayhem: Clash of Fates events was added, along with a link to every competitor and their Twitch channel.