TFT Set 7 PBE launch contains big Augment, item, and system changes

Big adjustments pave the way for dragons.

Image via Riot Games

The Neon Nights season is coming to an end with the launch of Teamfight Tactics Set Seven Dragonlands on PBE servers today, showcasing a number of significant changes for existing systems that will carry over.  

Scheduled to officially launch on June 8 via Patch 12.11, TFT Set Seven will drop into PBE servers later today. The release of Dragonlands onto the PBE servers showcases a total of 58 returning and new champions, over 100 new Augments, and 28 traits. In addition to all the new stuff, a large number of existing systems and items are getting overhauled for the new TFT set, revealed today by game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer on Twitter

Hextech Augments are no more, now called Draconic Augments. A total of 16 Hextech Augments have been completely removed, not including trait-specific to Set Six, and around a dozen that have transformed over into Draconic Augments have been either rebalanced or reworked. Stages in which Augments appear have also been changed to 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2. All Hextech Augments that are now Draconic, system changes, and new Set Seven Augments can be found here

In addition to Draconic Augment changes, regular and Radiant items for TFT Set Seven are getting a large number of balance changes. Dragon’s Claw and Bloodthirster were reworked. Last Whisper had its armor penetration reduced from 70 to 50 percent. Blue Buff now has a starting mana of 40 and Sunfire Cape now burns for 10 seconds. 

Players can test all the TFT Set Seven changes when the Dragonlands set drops into PBE servers later today. The official release is scheduled to take place on June 8 and Neon Nights will remain active on Live servers until then.