TFT Reckoning World Championship: Regions, players, format, and schedule

Stay up to speed with Riot's fifth TFT World Championship.

TFT Reckoning
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Eight regions from around the globe will send their best tacticians to compete in the third Teamfight Tactics World Championship.

Scheduled to take place from Oct. 1 to 4, the TFT Reckoning World Championship will feature four days of competitive play with a total of 20 tacticians earning a seat from eight regions. The competition will start at 4am CT on each of the four days and showcase one lobby per day. A main broadcast will stream via Twitch.

The Reckoning World Championship was originally set to take place in China. Due to many nations dealing with the COVID-19 Delta variant, however, the LAN event was switched to online. It’s unclear how this will affect the format.

Here’s everything you need to know about the TFT Reckoning World Championship.

Regions and players competing at TFT Reckoning Worlds

A total of 20 tacticians will compete in the TFT Reckoning World Championship, with Europe and China sending the most players. Here’s a full breakdown of which regions are competing at Worlds and how many players are representing those regions. 


The EU region is made up of tacticians from EUW, EUNE, CIS, and TR. Riot also opened the door for competitors living in India, North Africa, and the Middle East. A total of 64 players competed in the EU Reckoning qualifiers for a spot at TFT Worlds. Invites to the qualifier were based on ladder rankings. Following two days of intense matches, four tacticians claimed a seat in the Reckoning World Championship. 

  • EU Poland: DV1 Shircane
  • EU Czech Republic: Skipaeus
  • EU Germany: Gluteus Maximus
  • EU Germany: TMS ACKK


Similar to the EU region, China will also send four tacticians to the TFT World Championship.

  • Luili
  • Zixingche
  • Huanmie
  • qituX

North America

Competitive TFT in the NA region has grown immensely since Set Three Galaxies, but only three players from NA will compete at the Reckoning World Championship. 

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Thanks to a partnership between Wisdom Media (Giant SlayerTFT) and Riot, tacticians in North America competed in a number of qualifiers in Set Five, earning a chance to compete at Reckoning Worlds via a Regional Finals tournament on Sept. 4 and 5.

Here are the NA tacticians attending Reckoning Worlds:

  • Robinsongz
  • Delicious Milk
  • SpencerTFT

South Korea

All eyes are on South Korea following 8ljaywalking’s Fates World Championship victory. Similar to TFT Set Four, a total of three players will represent South Korea at Reckoning Worlds. 

Here are the TFT players representing South Korea at Reckoning Worlds:

  • Woojung
  • Ddudu


A total of two TFT competitors will represent Brazil at the Reckoning World Championship. 

The two tacticians are Eusouolucas and INC Mplete.

Latin America

Similar to Brazil, LATAM will also send two tacticians to represent the region at Reckoning Worlds. 

El Tomo and Sealcune Mbappe will be representing Latin America at Reckoning Worlds.


Japan will only have one player competing at TFT Reckoning Worlds. After finishing in the top eight at the Galaxies and Fates World Championship, the region is seeking its first Worlds title. 

Nukomaru will represent Japan at Reckoning Worlds.


Despite only sending one representative to Reckoning Worlds, the OCE tacticians have competed in a number of qualifiers leading up to the OCE Regional Finals on Sept. 4 to 5.

Escha will represent the OCE region at Reckoning Worlds.

TFT Set 5.5 Reckoning Worlds format

The TFT Reckoning World Championship format will include a total of four days of competition featuring Set 5.5, with the final balance changes taking place via the 11.19 patch. With 20 players attending, the first day of Worlds will feature one lobby with the bottom seed from each region, with the top four advancing to the group stage.

Days two and three will showcase one lobby a day via the group stages, with the top four from each day advancing to the finals. Day four is the TFT Worlds finals in which the first tactician to reach a minimum of 18 points and win the next game becomes the Reckoning World Champion. 

  • Oct. 1: The bottom seed from each region competes in a lobby with the top-four players advancing to day two
  • Oct. 2: Eight players in lobby A, with the top four advancing to the finals
  • Oct. 3: Eight players in lobby B, with the top four advancing to the finals
  • Oct. 4: The top-eight compete in a single lobby with the first player to reach 18 points and win a game earning the TFT Reckoning Worlds title

TFT Reckoning Worlds prize pool

The total prize pool for the third TFT World Championship is $250,000, with all 20 players attending earning money. First place will earn a total of $44,500 with last place earning $5,500.

  • World champion: $44,500
  • Second: $28,000
  • Third: $19,000
  • Fourth: $17,000
  • Fifth: $15,000
  • Sixth: $14,000
  • Seventh: $13,000
  • Eighth: $12,000
  • Ninth: $10,000
  • 10th: $9,500
  • 11th to 12th: $8,500
  • 13th to 14th: $7,500
  • 15th to 16th: $6,500
  • 17th to 18th: $6,000
  • 19th to 20th: $5,500

Broadcast information has not been released at time of writing. We’ll update this article with any new information upon its release.  

Update Sept. 8 3pm CT: Article was updated to include NA, South Korea, and OCE players attending Worlds.

Update Sept. 20 10am CT: Updates include the TFT Reckoning World Championship schedule, format, and prize pool. Tacticians attending Worlds from Brazil were also added.

Update Sept. 27 12pm CT: Article was updated to include the four representatives from China.