How to watch TFT Reckoning NA Regional Finals

Here's everything you need to know about the NA Regional Finals qualifier for TFT Worlds.

Kayle Set 5.5 TFT
Image via Riot Games

The Regional Finals are the last North American Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 qualifier to determine the three tacticians representing NA at the Reckoning World Championship. 

A total of 16 tacticians from around the globe will compete at TFT Worlds in October in the autobattler’s fifth World Championship. Scheduled to take place on Sept. 4 and 5, the Reckoning Regional Finals will determine which three players will represent NA. Set Five qualifiers led up to the Midset Finale while the NA Regional Finals and Worlds will take place in Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes. 

Riot will provide the main broadcast for the TFT North American Regional Finals, along with individual streamers via their own channels. Coverage begins at 6pm CT on Sept. 4 and 5, showcasing five broadcasters in one studio. The casters for the NA Reckoning Regional Finals are DoA, Nekkra, Frodan, Esportslaw, and Admirable.

Who’s competing in the NA Reckoning Regional Finals?

TFT Set Five esports roadmap
Image via Wisdom and Riot Games

Tacticians competing in the NA Regional Finals earned an invite via the Reckoning Midset Finale, Set Five overall leaderboard snapshots, and a Set 5.5 snapshot. Here are the 16 NA players competing in the TFT Regional Finals with links to their Twitch channels. 

Set Five ladder snapshot 

Midset Finale tournament

Set 5.5 ladder snapshot 

What’s the format for the NA Regional Finals?

How to watch TFT Reckoning NA Regional Finals
Image via Riot Games and Mobalytics

The competition will be broken up into two days, Sept. 4 and 5. Day one will showcase six games and two lobbies. Tacticians are randomly seeded for the first game and are rotated every two games based on point standings following each game. 

  • First: 10 points
  • Second: Eight points
  • Third: Seven points
  • Fourth: Six points
  • Fifth: Four points
  • Sixth: Three points
  • Seventh: Two points
  • Eighth: One point

The second day will showcase the top-eight highest scoring players from day one. A total of six games are scheduled to be played, with the top three advancing to the TFT Reckoning World Championship in October. 

What’s the prize pool?

Image via Riot Games

The NA Regional Finals has a total prize pool of $25,000, with the TFT Set 5.5 victor taking home $8,000. 

  • First: $8,000
  • Second: $5,000
  • Third: $3,500
  • Fourth: $2,500
  • Fifth: $1,150
  • Sixth: $1,150
  • Seventh: $800
  • Eighth: $550
  • Ninth to 16th: $250

Update Sept. 1 2:20pm CT: The article was updated to include broadcast times and casters for the Teamfight Tactics NA Regional Finals.