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Soraka casting spell in TFT Set 11
Image via Riot Games

TFT Patch 14.12 notes are buffing the meta

Gain a meta advantage through PBE testing changes.

Riot Games is buffing up the Teamfight Tactics meta heading into the final Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Cup. Here are all the up-to-date changes so far following the official release of the Inkborn Fables Patch 14.12 notes.

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What’s coming to TFT Patch 14.12 that’s important?

TFT Tacticians and champions celebrating five year birthday event
Don’t sleep on Pengu’s Party. Image via Riot Games

Patch 14.12 in TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables will drop Pengu’s Party onto the live servers on June 12, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the autobattler. The update contains a few significant buffs to smooth out the meta, setting the stage for the third Tactician’s Trials and Cup. One of the best buffs, in my opinion, is a shop odds change that breathes life back into Level Seven. Starting with Patch 14.12, the Level Seven shop odds will become 19/30/40/10/1.

All TFT Patch 14.12 early trait changes

Irelia preparing for battle
The Duelist nerf is very small. Image via Riot Games

The Duelist trait was nerfed slightly during PBE testing while gaining XP was buffed in the Exalted TFT Set 11 trait as the devs “wanted to make sure Five Exalted was playable early,” according to Mortdog. Trickshot Two was also buffed, which I know will help the trait during the early and mid-game Stages. And for the Yone players, a big buff was applied to the Reaper trait.

TFT Set 11 traitPatch 14.12 balance change
DuelistAttack speed gained nerfed slightly from 5/10/14/18 to 5/9/13/18 percent
ExaltedXP at Five Exalted increased from one to two
ReaperFour Reaper bleed duration buffed from three to two seconds.
SniperDamage per Hex reduced slightly from 8/18/35 to 8/17/33 percent
TrickshotPrevious bounce damage increased from 40 to 45 percent at breakpoint of two

All TFT Patch 14.12 early champion changes

Lissandra casting a spell in TFT Set 11
More buffs than I expected. Image via Riot Games

A slight tweak was added to Sivir, which I like because it could improve Storyweaver during the mid-game rounds. Kayn and Yone were both buffed in addition to the Reaper trait buff. And Hwei‘s damage was slightly buffed.

You’ll also notice a large number of two-cost Set 11 champions received small buffs, with the changes intended to open up the meta during the early and late-game Stages while potentially improving two-cost reroll builds. All TFT Patch 14.12 champion changes are listed in order from one- to five-cost.

TFT Set 11 championPatch 14.12 balance change
SivirAttack speed granted to self and adjacent allies buffed from six to 6/7/8 seconds
AatroxSpell damage buffed from 260/390/600 to 275/415/645
JannaMagic damage increased from 180/270/415 to 190/285/445 percent
LuxSpell damage increased from 225/340/525 to 240/360/560 percent
QiyanaAttack damage reduced from 55 to 50
RivenSpell physical damage increased from 190/190/200 to 200/200/215 percent and third cast damage increased from 300/300/310 to 310/310/325 percent
SennaSpell attack damage percentage was buffed from 230/230/245 to 245/245/260 percent
SorakaSpell damage and secondary damage buffed at three-star. Spell damage is 260/390/650 percent and Secondary damage is 120/180/305 percent.
YoneAttack speed increased from 0.85 to 0.90
AnnieMana adjusted from 70/140 to 70/120
GailoMana adjusted from 70/140 to 70/120
KaynAttack damage increased from 75 to 80
NautilusHealth reduced slightly from 1,150 to 1,100
HweiMagic damage buffed from 180/270/2000 to 195/290/2000 percent
LissandraChance of turning enemy death into a loot orb increased from 40 to 45 percent

All TFT Patch 14.12 early Augment changes

Neeko casting a spell in TFT Set 11
Is Crown Guarded good now? Image via Riot Games

The Gold Long Shot Sniper trait Augment was slightly nerfed in conjunction with the Sniper trait nerf. I’m excited that Amumu is now a granted champion through the gold Boiling Point Augment. Crown Guarded is a buff I can get behind. Ba-Boom was also buffed, but don’t worry because a bug fix was applied to Kindred.

TFT Set 11 AugmentPatch 14.12 balance change
Risky Moves (Silver-tier)Gold gained increased from 30 to 33
Boiling Point (Gold-tier)Amumu added as granted Set 11 champion
Built Different (Gold-tier)Attack speed changed from 40-55 to 45-60 percent
Combat Caster (Gold-tier)Shield reduced from six to four seconds
Crown Guarded (Gold-tier)Start of combat effect increased from 75 to 100 percent stronger
Long Shot (Gold-tier)Attack speed gained reduced from 18 to 15 percent
Trade Sector (Gold-tier)Gold gained increased from two to four
Wrath of the Moon (Gold-tier)Umbral champion damage per second reduced from four to 3.5 percent
Ba-BOOM (Prismatic-tier)Bonus damage from every other cast increased from 75 to 90 percent
Shopping Spree (Prismatic-tier)Gold gained increased from three to four

All TFT Patch 14.12 early item changes

Two Radiant items are back in the meta. Image via Riot Games

Much like the buff to the Set 11 Augment Ba-Boom, Lich Bane is getting buffed now that the Kindred bug was resolved. The Support item Sprite will likely get a rework at some point, according to Mortdog, but for now, the item has had several levers adjusted on it. And following a bug fix that was affecting More-Morellonomicon and Crest of Cinders, both Radiant items are getting buffed in Patch 14.12.

  • Lich Bane (Artifact): Damage buffed to 200/270/340/410/480
  • Suspicious Trench Coat (Artifact): Health nerfed from 250 to 100
  • Aegis of the Legion (Support): The item will display the affected Hexes during the planning phase as intended
  • Spite (Support): Effects will now properly stack. Attack damage and ability power Reduction were nerfed to 25 percent as was AD/AP Increase from 50 to 40 percent. And the duration was extended to 15 seconds.
  • Crest of Cinders (Radiant): Bonus damage was increased to 10 percent and duration was buffed from five to 30 seconds.
  • More-Morellonomicon (Radiant): Attack speed was increased from 10 to 25 percent.

All TFT Patch 14.12 bug fixes

  • Fortune’s tooltip now correctly states that you gain Luck after every player combat, regardless of win or loss in Hyper Roll.
  • Fortune’s tooltip now specifies that you gain luck only when losing player combats.
  • Removing the items Fishbones or Rapid Firecannon properly removes the range increase as intended.
  • A Behemoth unit’s on-death buff can now apply to allies more than one Hex away.
  • Kindred no longer applies Lich Bane’s damage twice per cast.
  • Kindred no longer benefits from Ba-BOOM!’s damage increase on every cast.

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