TFT Patch 11.6 preview reveals Olaf and Kennen nerfs

Olaf will attempt to survive another nerf.

Teamfight Tactics Olaf
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed upcoming Teamfight Tactics nerfs and buffs for Patch 11.6 in a preview today. 

Balance tweaks to the TFT Set 4.5 Fates: Festival of Beasts meta will continue in Patch 11.6 with some surprising and expected nerfs and buffs. In less than a month, the best TFT players from around the globe will compete in the Fates World Championship. Tournament gameplay within the EU, NA, and Oceania Regional Finals showcased the strengths of Olaf and Kennen. And now, both of them are getting slight nerfs in Patch 11.6.

Slayer comps featuring Olaf were among the most played throughout the TFT Regional Finals so far, followed closely by Keepers with Kennen at the helm—along with other builds like Kayle and seven Mages. The nerfs to these champs are likely minor and won’t have a huge impact on the tournament meta. 

Agon’s Tristana re-roll with multiple Locket of the Iron Solaris on Diana was also showcased during the NA Regional Finals. The once-popular Sharpshooter item has been targeted for a nerf in Patch 11.6, but Diana is getting another buff.

Vanguards have also become the go-to frontline option with Last Whisper getting equipped on damage champions as an ideal item to shred through their defenses. But Last Whisper is getting a nerf while the early game go-to utility Sunfire Cape is receiving a buff. 

Other notable balance tweaks include a buff to Zed, increasing Slayer power levels during the early game, and a Talon buff. The Enlightened Assassin has been slowly crawling his way back into S-tier status and this Patch 11.6 buff might end up being the final push Talon needs in his return to dominance.  

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Patch 11.6 is scheduled to go live on March 17. The TFT Fates World Championship will take place from April 7 to 9. Set Five Reckoning has been scheduled for release on April 28.