TFT Oceania Regional Finals: Standings, score, and schedule

Only one will make it out alive.

Teamfight Tactics Tryndamere
Teamfight Tactics Tryndamere

Oceania’s best tacticians are battling it out in the Regional Finals for a chance to represent their region at the Teamfight Tactics Championship.

The TFT Oceania Regional Finals is taking place over the course of four days, from March 11 to March 14. All four days of the competition will be broadcast live on Twitch, with prominent streamers and guests joining in on the coverage fun.

At the end of the four days, just one player will be left standing, and they will be the sole representative of Oceania to the world.

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Points will be reset after the end of each day of gameplay, with the bottom-eight point earners getting cut.

  • First: 100 points
  • Second: 80 points
  • Third: 70 points
  • Fourth: 60 points
  • Fifth: 40 points
  • Sixth: 30 points
  • Seventh: 20 points
  • Eighth: 10 point

Day one, March 11

The first day of competition saw each of the 32 finalists battle their way through six games, with the top 24 highest point scorers advancing into day two.

To no one’s surprise, Slayers ruled much of the finals meta on day one. With some limited success, other former meta staples like Mage or Kayle compositions were the next most prevalent.

The most exciting game of the day featured Donaldin0 winning a lobby after being on a nine-game losing streak with Fortune, before finally being able to cash in his loss streak reward and was gifted four Force of Natures. Once the player hit level eight, Donaldin0 had 12 units on the board. Their winning composition included six Slayers and a dash of Mystic, Duelist, Cultist and Spirit traits alongside it, making one of the scariest boards seen in the tournament so far.

It was Chubby13unny who came out on top of the pack with an incredibly consistent day’s play. They topped three lobbies, and only falling outside a top-four place in one game. This player relied on the strength of Slayer compositions in most of their games, veering away from the meta only rarely to play things like Sivir Sharpshooter and Akali Assassins.

Here are the top 24 TFT players advancing onto the second day of the OCE Fates Regional Finals. 

  • Chubby13unny: 490 points
  • fread: 450 points
  • oubo: 400 points
  • Dojo Mojo: 390 points
  • cho0nga: 380 points
  • Admiration: 380 points
  • xu xu bird: 380 points
  • Keane tft: 360 points
  • naes: 360 points
  • Fortune Chosen: 340 points
  • ItchyOCE: 330 points
  • Donaldin0: 330 points
  • Perfect Slumbers: 330 points
  • Gages: 320 points
  • CosmicSloths: 310 points
  • Razza: 310 points
  • dnn: 280 points
  • Aitvg: 280 points
  • Mina: 270 points
  • Dawnglade: 270 points
  • Banter: 270 points
  • Fischball: 260 points
  • pong670: 250 points

Day two, March 12

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The best 24 competitors from the first day of play vied to stay afloat in Oceania as they continue to try and secure their spot at the World Championship.

Today’s matches were all about the players’ ability to play calmly and consistently, as the well known North American TFT player MismatchedSocks can vouch for. Sometimes, a lot of top-four placements is more valuable than ricocheting from first to last every lobby, especially when looking to avoid being cut from a tournament.

Just one player from yesterday’s top five managed to avoid being cut after today, as the players who chased those perfect meta compositions every game tended to struggle in finding consistency in tournaments due to RNG and also the high likelihood of being contested..

That is, outside of the top player of the second day, Gages, who managed to win four of the six games forcing the Slayers Olaf composition. Gages generally only plays three Slayers unless they have a Slayer Chosen, and they either fill their board with DragonSouls or Vanguard/Mystics, depending on what they hit and how the lobby is looking.

It will be interesting to see if Gages can continue to find success with a relatively inflexible style of gameplay.

Here were the top 16 TFT players advancing to the third round of the OCE Fates Regional Finals:

  • Gages: 470 points
  • Banter: 440 points
  • fread: 400 points
  • Keane tft: 390 points
  • xu xu bird: 390 points
  • Razza: 380 points
  • ItchyOCE: 360 points
  • dnn: 350 points
  • CosmicSloths: 340 points
  • Perfect Slumbers: 340 points
  • Aitvg: 320 points
  • Dawnglade: 310 points
  • Donaldin0: 310 points
  • Fischball: 280 points
  • Mina: 260 points
  • pong670: 260 points

Day three, March 13

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After yet another arduous day’s play, the final eight is locked in for the last set of lobbies tomorrow that will decide which player will represent Oceania at the TFT Championship.

Popular streamer and former League of Legends pro player Keane was today’s most impressive player, finishing with 460 points from a total possible amount of 600 and placing in the top four of every lobby playing a different and unique composition.

In his fourth game, Keane found early Kayle items but was struggling to find enough Kayles in his shop to upgrade the unit. To circumvent his issue with unlucky rolls, he bought an Adept Chosen Irelia in his shop and re-focused his team toward a four Adept win condition. In his own words, “getting four Adept is a free top-three or four.” This kind of out-of-the-box thinking is crucial to success in long-format TFT tournaments.

In the broader view, today’s meta was dominated by Chosen Tristana, which players can re-roll for three-star Tristana with Sharpshooters, or use her as an item holder for Slayers/Kayle in the late game.

Here are the top eight TFT players of the OCE Regional Finals:

  • Keane tft: 460 points
  • Gages: 410 points
  • Dawnglade 410 points
  • pong670: 380 points
  • CosmicSloths: 360 points
  • Razza: 340 points
  • Mina: 340 points
  • Donaldin0: 330 points

Tomorrow is the last day of the Regional Finals and will decide which tactician will take to the World stage as the Oceanic representative. The games will be broadcast in full on the OCE Riot Twitch channel.

The final day, March 14

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With five back-to-back top three placings tonight, Razza is the Oceania TFT Regional Finals champion and will represent the region at the Fates World Championship later this year.

Razza didn’t seem to come into the final day with much wind behind him, as he had struggled to scrape by in earlier qualifications and cut-off points. But after shaking off a seventh in today’s first lobby, Razza found his mojo, winning both game three and four to really cement his spot at number one.

In most of his games, the champ played a combination of Brawlers and DragonSoul units early on, either building Shyvana as a carry with items like Runaan’s Hurricane and Hand of Justice or using the unit as an item holder for a better late-game carry like Olaf.

Razza only deviated from this plan when he hit a specific Chosen like a Keeper or Neeko. The two compositions that are played from these Chosen units generally require the Chosen trait bonus and power buff in order for it to top a lobby. Despite not being the most flexible of playstyles, Razza has shown that a champion can succeed with just a handful of compositions in their back pocket.

With today’s win, Razza has won a sweet $2,000 (AUD) cash prize, and an invite as the sole representative from Oceania to participate in TFT‘s World Championship for Set 4.5.

Here are the final standings for the fourth and final day of Oceania’s TFT Regional Finals:

  • Razza: 430 points
  • Keane tft: 380 points
  • Gages: 340 points
  • CosmicSloths: 330 points
  • Donaldin0: 300 points
  • pong670: 270 points
  • Dawnglade: 250 points
  • Mina: 160 points