TFT Dragonlands NA Regional Finals: Standings, scores, and format

Three Worlds seeds are on the line.

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The 24 best North American players will battle over the course of three days for three Teamfight Tactics Worlds seeds at the Dragonlands Regional Finals.

Showcasing gameplay from Patch 12.21, the NA Regional Finals will take place from Nov. 4 to 7. Unlike the EMEA Regional Finals, taking place over the same weekend, players face cuts at the end of each day of competition. Only 16 players advance to the second day of the NA Regional Finals, and eight to day three, with the top two advancing to the TFT World Championship

Playing consistently also matters, with the player who has the highest average placement over the course of all three days earning an invite to Worlds. And the remaining top two finalists on day three will earn an invite to compete in the Western Last Chance Qualifier on Nov. 12. 

Players earned their spots at the NA Dragonlands Regional Finals through top finishes at the Dragon Cup, top finishes at the Mid-Set Finale, Cup tournament points, NA Last Chance Qualifier, and ladder snapshots for Set Seven and 7.5. 

The North American region has four official seeds at the TFT Dragonlands World Championship, with Amde already earning that invite by winning the Mid-Set Finale. He’s also competing in the NA Regional Finals. Riot confirmed to Dot Esports that Amde competing in the tournament serves as “an important preparation environment” while allowing him a chance to be crowned the North American Dragonlands champion should he win the NA Regional Finals. 

Nov. 4 NA Regional Finals standings

A total of six games across three lobbies were played during the first day of competition, with lobbies getting reseeded every two rounds. Ramblinnm, Rainplosion, and Dishsoap started the day off strong with lobby wins. Dishsoap built a three-star Sohm in verticle Lagoon while Ramblinnn carried Xayah to a lobby win with five Swiftshot. Raniplosion earned her win with Dragonmancer Ao Shin.

Halfway through day one at the NA Regional Finals, Dishsoap was sitting atop the leaderboard with two lobby wins. Close behind Dishsoap were Ramblinnn, Rainplosion, and Robin. Both Ramblinnn and Rainplosion also had two lobby wins heading into game four.

Overall standings after three games

Heading into the last game of day one, several players were on the cut bubble. Four players had 17 points (Degree, Clear, sètsuko, and Tacobell Wifi), while Milala was at 19 points just outside the top-16 cut.

Overall standings after five games

Day one of the NA Regional Finals was all about Kyivix, placing 2/5/2/2/3/1 over the course of six games to sit atop the leaderboard with 39 points. Rainplosion also had a stellar day, running 1/6/1/2/4/2 over the course of six games and earning spot two on the leaderboard with 38 points. Just missing the top-16 cutoff was Tacobell Wifi with 24 points.

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Here were the top 16 TFT players advancing to the second day of the NA Regional Finals.

  • Kyivix: 29 points
  • Rainplosion: 38 points
  • Guubums: 33 points
  • Aesah: 33 points
  • Dishsoap: 32 points
  • Bertasaurus: 32 points
  • Prestivent: 32 points
  • TL Kurumx: 31 points
  • TL Robin: 31 points
  • SullyTFT: 30 points
  • Milk Guy: 28 points
  • BC Socks: 28 points
  • Casparwu: 28 points
  • C9 k3soju: 28 points
  • Ramblinnn: 25 points
  • SadgeSadgeSadge: 25 points

Nov. 5 NA Regional Finals standings

Day two started with 16 players split between two lobbies with lobbies getting reseeded every two rounds. Only the top eight TFT players advanced to the final day of the NA Regional Finals.

Guubums started day two off strong, sitting atop the leaderboard after three games with 20 points. The top-eight heading into game four had three players at 17 points, with Prestivent in the eight-spot with 14 points.

Image via Riot Games Wisdom

TL Kurumx earned back-to-back wins during games four and five, seeking another trip to TFT Worlds. Sitting on the bubble heading into the last game of day two were Prestivent, Aesah, and Casparwu.

Image via Riot Games Wisdom

SadgeSadgeSadge needed a lobby win during game six and he pulled it off with a six Guardian Aurelion Sol build. The win put him at 27 points, just making the cut into the top eight. Both Guubums and Rainplosion ended the day strong, as did Prestivent

Image via Riot Games Wisdom

Here were the top eight TFT players advancing to the NA Regional Final playoffs.

  • Guubums: 38 points
  • Rainplosion: 35 points
  • Kyivix: 34 points
  • TL Kurumx: 31 points
  • C9 k3soju: 30 points
  • TL Robin: 29 points
  • Prestivent: 28 points
  • SadgeSadgeSadge: 27 points

Nov. 6 NA Regional Finals standings

The top eight TFT players in North America at the Regional Finals competed in a total of six games, with the top-two scorers earning a direct invite to the Dragonlands World Championship. And the player with the highest average placement also earned a Worlds seed.

Kyivix started the day off strong with a lobby win, with SadgeSadgeSadge earning second. Guubums, following a strong day two, started off day three with an eighth.

Halfway through the final day of the NA Regional Finals, Rainplosion took over the leaderboard with a third during game two and a lobby win during game three. Back-to-wins from Kyivix locked him in for a TFT Worlds seed after game five.

Rainplosion suffered a seventh during game five, barely holding onto second overall, with k3soju, Kurumx, and Prestivent close behind her.

Kyivix locked in the NA Dragonlands champion title with a second-place during game six. Choosing Cursed Crown, k3soju pulled out a fourth to tie with Rainplosion and Prestivent. C9k3soju won the tie-breakers to earn a Dragonlands Worlds seed, along with Rainplosion who had the highest average placement throughout all three days at the NA Regional Finals.

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Here were the overall TFT standings from the NA Regional Finals.

Image via Riot Games Wisdom
  • Kyivix: Worlds seed
  • C9k3soju: Worlds seed
  • Rainplosion: Worlds seed
  • Amde: Worlds seed from Mid-Set Finale
  • Prestivent: Western LCQ
  • TL Kurumx: Western LCQ
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