TFT Dragonlands EMEA Regional Finals: Standings, scores, and format

Players competed for five Worlds seeds.

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A total of 32 Teamfight Tactics players from 13 different countries within the EMEA region are set to compete for five slots at the Dragonlands World Championship in the EMEA Regional Finals. 

Taking place over the course of three days from Nov. 4 to 7, the EMEA Dragonlands TFT Rising Legends Finals will showcase gameplay on Patch 12.21. France has the most representatives at the Regional Finals, featuring six players, followed by Germany with five, Spain with four, and Turkey with four. No cuts will be made after the first day of gameplay, with all points carrying over into day two. 

All players qualified to compete at the TFT Dragonlands EMEA Regional Finals through Golden Spatula Cup top finishes, GSC tournament points, SuperBrawl, and ladder snapshots for both Set Seven and 7.5. A full breakdown of all players, the countries they represent, and how they qualified to compete in the EMEA Rising Legends Finals can be found here

The top five players from the EMEA Regional Finals will earn seeds at TFT Dragonlands Worlds, scheduled to take place from Nov. 18 to 20. Players who finished sixth and seventh overall will qualify for the Western Last Chance Qualifier, taking place on Nov. 12. 

Nov. 4 EMEA Regional Finals standings

Players competed in five games across four lobbies, with lobbies getting rotated based on points earned so far after two games. Briks, Matelas, Noel, and Voltariux started the day off strong with game one lobby wins. Briks kept the win streak going during game two, while Darkest, Matelas, Noel, Coco, Voltariux, Deisik, Double61, and Ryko earned a second top-four finish.

Following three games, Briks was comfortably sitting atop the leaderboard with three straight first-place finishes.

The lobbies being rotated shifted the standings following four games played, with Coco taking over the leaderboard with a second-place finish during game four and a bottom-four finish from Briks.

A total of three TFT players at the EMEA Regional Finals completed day one with all top-four finishes: Coco, Double61, and Deisik. Both Coco and Briks had three first-place finishes, with Coco sitting atop the leaderboard heading into day two.

No players were cut after day one. But those sitting in the top eight after five games had a significant advantage over the rest of the field heading into day two of the EMEA Regional Finals.

Nov. 5 EMEA Regional Finals standings

Day two at the EMEA Rising Legends Finals showcased every TFT player from day one with points carrying over. Players were split into four lobbies with lobbies being reseeded after the first two games. Of the 32 total players competing on day two, only the top eight advanced to the final day.

Briks started day two just like he did during the first day, earning back-to-back first-place finishes during games one and two. And Double61 kept his top-four streak going with two second-place finishes back-to-back.

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Heading into the final game of day two, Deisik had secured a top-eight placement, guaranteeing he advanced to the third and final day. Several players remained on the bubble, though. And the TFT players sitting outside the top-eight cut heading into the final round, like Arrow and Sologesang, needed strong finishes to advance.

A total of 53 points was the cutoff for the top eight TFT players advancing to the playoffs of the EMEA Regional Finals. Just missing the top-eight cut was Arrow and Darkest by only one point. Deisik finished first overall with 63 points for the day. But points no longer mattered as all points were reset for day three. Sologesang squeaked into the last day by tying Noel for points.

Here were the top eight TFT players advancing to the EMEA Regional Finals playoffs.

  • Deisik: 63 points
  • Double61: 60 points
  • L3sCoco: 59 points
  • Salvyyy: 57 points
  • Briks: 55 points
  • Lelouch: 54 points
  • Noel: 53 points
  • Sologesang: 53 points

Nov. 6 EMEA Regional Finals standings

A total of six games were played during the Dragonlands playoffs EMEA Regional Finals, featuring eight players in one lobby. The top five scoring players from the day advanced to TFT Worlds while sixth and seventh place qualified for the Western Last Chance Qualifier.

Lelouch and L3sCoco started the day off strong, with Lelouch earning back-to-back second-place finishes. Deisik had a rough start, but bounced back in game two to get a lobby win and move up into the top five of the leaderboard.

Heading into the final two games of the EMEA Regional Finals playoffs, Lelouch was comfortably sitting atop the leaderboard. Briks, who had a 50 percent lobby win rate from days one and two, struggled during rounds three and four, sitting on the outside of the Worlds invites.

Finishing in the top four during every game played during day three, Lelouch earned the EMEA Dragonlands champion title and a spot at the TFT 2022 World Championship. Also earning Worlds seeds were Noel, former World champion Double61, L3sCoco, and Deisik. Briks and Salvyyy qualified for the Western LCQ.

Here are the TFT players who will represent the EMEA at the Dragonlands World Championship.

Image via Riot Games Rising Legends
  • Lelouch: Worlds seed
  • Noel: Worlds seed
  • Double61: Worlds seed
  • L3sCoco: Worlds seed
  • Deisik: Worlds seed
  • Salvyyy: Western LCQ invite
  • Briks: Western LCQ invite

Updates for the EMEA Dragonlands Regional Finals will take place after each round over the course of all three days.


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