All TFT 7.5 NA players qualified for Dragonlands Regional Finals

NA players turn up the heat to get a chance at a Worlds title.

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The best North American Teamfight Tactics players from Set Seven and 7.5 will compete for three Dragonlands World Championship seeds at the Regional Finals. 

Scheduled to take place from Nov. 4 to 6, a total of 24 players will compete in the NA Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms Regional Finals. Players earned invites to the final major regional tournament of Set 7.5 by placing in the top four at the Dragon Cup, ranking in the top 10 for Cup qualifier points, top four placement at Mid-Set Finale, ladder snapshots from Set Seven and 7.5, and from the NA Last Chance Qualifier

The top two players at the NA Dragonlands Regional Finals will earn a TFT Worlds seed, along with the competitor who had the best average point placement over the course of the tournament. Players who finish in third and fourth qualify for the Dragonlands Western LCQ. NA has four slots for TFT Worlds 2022, with Amde earning the first seed at the Dragonlands Mid-Set Finale. 

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Here are the 24 NA players who qualified for the TFT Dragonlands Regional Finals and how they qualified.

All TFT 7.5 NA players qualified for Dragonlands Regional Finals

NA Dragon Cup 

A total of four players qualified for the NA Dragonlands Regional Finals at the Dragon Cup.

  • Guubums
  • Aesah
  • Prestivent
  • Degree

NA Cup qualifier points

A total of 10 players qualified for the NA Dragonalands Regional Finals by having the highest Cup qualifier points earned. 

  • Milk
  • Rainplosion
  • TacobellWifi
  • TL Robin
  • TL Kurumx
  • C9 k3soju
  • Beastcoast Socks
  • Kyivix
  • Dace
  • Milala

Set Seven and 7.5 ladder snapshots

A total of four players earned invites to the NA Dragonlands Regional Finals based on Ranked ladder snapshot standings, two during Set Seven and two from Set 7.5. 

  • Dishsoap
  • Sètsuko
  • Ramblinnn
  • Casparwu

NA Mid-Set Finale

A total of four players earned an NA Dragonlands Regional Finals invite. Amde earned a TFT Worlds seed by winning the tournament but is still participating in the Regional Finals

  • Bertasaurus
  • Clear 
  • MD PodkyGom
  • Amde

NA Last Chance Qualifier

A total of two NA players out of 16 earned an invite to the North American Dragonlands Regional Finals. Sharing a point score of 33 during the final day at the LCQ, both SullyTFT and SadgeSadgeSage advanced to the Regional Finals.

Update Oct. 27 3pm CT: Standings from the TFT NA Last Chance Qualifier were updated.

Update Nov. 3 3:45pm CT: Added Amde to the list of players following confirmation from Riot.


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