Riot reveals TFT gameplay clips of Set 5.5 Garen and Fiddlesticks

The midset update launches in less than a week.

TFT Fiddlesticks Set 5.5
Image via Riot Games

Clips of Teamfight Tactics gameplay from the upcoming Reckoning: Dawn of Hope midset update were revealed today by Riot Games. 

Scheduled to hit the live TFT servers on July 21, the Reckoning: Dawn of Hope midset update features new Radiant items in place of Shadow items. A total of 12 new champions, including Fiddlesticks and Akshan, will also be released, along with several reworks to existing champs. Riot released two gameplay clips today featuring Garen, who received a rework for the midset update, and the new champion Fiddlesticks in action.

Garen is the only God-King remaining in TFT Set 5.5, receiving the Victorious trait and a new attack that deals 40 percent of the target’s missing health as bonus damage. Fiddlesticks also joins the party with the traits Abomination, Mystic, and Revenant. Fiddlesticks can blink into existence behind champions and is equipped with a short-range and potent ability called Crowstorm. 

Testing for TFT Set 5.5 will continue throughout the weekend on the PBE servers. The final patch notes are slated to be released on July 20. The Reckoning: Dawn of Hope update will also include a new battle pass, Little Legends, and interactive boards. 

Set 5.5 is scheduled to officially launch on July 21 via Patch 11.15. All abilities and stats within the TFT midset update on the PBE are subject to change prior to the release of Reckoning: Dawn of Hope