BoxBox TFT Bootcamp returns for Set 8 with $20k reason for streamers to start playing

Streamers can learn TFT and grab a slice of a 20k prize pool.

Image via Riot Games

In a partnership with Riot Games, BoxBox will host the second Teamfight Tactics Bootcamp, showcasing 50 streamers climbing the Set Eight ladder for a slice of $20,000 and bragging rights. 

Hype for TFT Set Eight, scheduled to release on Dec. 7, is at an all-time high. Dragons and two-champion slots have been retired, replaced by a callback to Set Four with a new mechanic called Hero Augments. All regular Augments have become evergreen permanent mechanics within TFT, while the Treat trait features powered-up units that don’t have trait synergies.

And taking on the responsibility of teaching everything new about TFT Set Eight to other streamers is Albert “BoxBox” Sunzheng. 

The TFT BoxBox Bootcamp takes 50 streamers from other games and tests their willingness to learn by grinding on the Set Eight ladder. Sign-ups for the Set Eight Bootcamp are taking place now for streamers who are interested in participating.

The Bootcamp lasts for two weeks and has a total prize pool of $20,000 that will get divided up among the streamers who take coaching from BoxBox seriously. 

For players who also want to get in on the TFT Set Eight action, the Monsters Attack! set will release through live servers on Dec. 7.

Players can learn about every TFT champion and their new Hero Augments here, along with traits, attack damage carriers, ability power units, and best comps