Big TFT Double Up changes launch with Set 7 Dragonlands

Gain LP with friends.

Image via Riot Games

A number of significant changes are being made to the Teamfight Tactics Double Up mode, according to Riot Games, from matchmaking to a new ranked system. 

Starting on June 8 with the release of Set Seven Dragonlands, the TFT Double Up mode will enter its next stage of evolution. Patch 12.11 will bring about a ranked system for the popular autobattler mode, similar to standard ranked. Players will start at the Iron tier with the goal of progressing to Masters.

The new TFT Double Up ranked system will bring about a few new changes that are intended to improve the ranked system as a whole, according to Riot

  • The rank of the senior player in a Double Up match will determine the matchmaking for a game, preventing high-ranked players from farming easy LP.
  • Both players will gain LP according to their own tier.
  • Players can now earn streak bonuses for finishing in the top four at least three times in a row.
  • Streak bonuses will increase up to six top-four finishes in a row and max out at six, while future top-four finishes in a row will still award the maximum bonus. 
  • The TFT team has added standings modifiers that will provide bonus LP for players who finish above higher ranked players and a penalty of a five LP loss when placing below lower-ranked players. 
  • Players will no longer drop to zero in a division before getting demoted from that ranked division.
  • Demotion protection will still exist for tiers.
  • Restrictions have been added on how much LP a player can lose.

Changes to the Double Up TFT ranked system will also apply to standard ranked with the release of Set Seven Dragonlands