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All new TFT Set 11 Artifacts and Support items

Twenty-five new items will drop into TFT Set 11 through Patch 14.9.

Riot Games is adding 25 new Artifacts and Support items to Teamfight Tactics Set 11 through Patch 14.9 to spice up gameplay.

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Heading into TFT Patch 14.9, 20 new Artifacts and five Support items were showcased, with players able to test them out on the PBE servers. The items were created by game designers Riot Wittrock and Tim Truexy to spice up gameplay and create separation from “Core items,” according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Five new items were previewed in early April and revealed in full around two weeks before Patch 14.9 is slated to go live on May 1. With the addition of the 25 new TFT Artifacts and Support items, a few existing Artifacts were removed.

TFT Artifact changes and Augments removed

Neeko casting a spell in TFT Set 11
Anvils offer four options instead of three. Image via Riot Games

Two TFT Artifact items, Goldmancer’s Staff and Magul’s Mail, will be removed from the active Artifact list through Patch 14.9. Augments like Portable Forge in Set 11 became available at all Stages of a game, allowing players to choose one of four Artifacts. But Portable Forge Plus and Portable Forge Plus Plus were removed. The number of Artifacts offered through an Anvil was also changed, increased to one of four instead of one of three.

Every new TFT Artifact and Support item from Patch 14.9

Support items have grown in popularity since TFT items were overhauled through Set 9.5, leading up to Set 10. Each of the five new Support items offers the equipped unit base health and a unique ability that supports your team comp. On the opposite side of the power spectrum level, there are the 20 new TFT Artifact items, offering equipped units a variety of power boosts and unique abilities.

Here’s every Artifact and Support item dropping into TFT Set 11 through Patch 14.9, according to Riot Games.

New TFT Support items

TFT Support itemItem ability
The Eternal Flame (plus 250 base health)Every five seconds, all enemies are 33 percent Wounded and all allies deal seven percent more damage for five seconds.
Kight’s Vow (plus 50 health)At combat start, grant 200 health and 12 percent Omnivamp to the holder and allies within one Hex(s) in the same row
Moonstone Renewer (plus 250 base health)Every four seconds, shield the two lowest percent health allies for 100 to 400 health (based on Stage) for four seconds.
Spite (plus 250 base health)When this unit perishes, reduce the attack damage and ability power of enemy units within two Hexes by 40 percent for 10 seconds. Allies in the explosion radius gain 30 percent AD and AP instead.
Unstable Treasure Chest (plus base 250 health)When the holder of the item perishes, the three closest allies gain a temporary completed item.

New TFT Artifact items

Multiple new TFT Set 11 Artifacts have impacted the Inkborn Fables meta, from Talisman of Ascension to Wit’s End.

TFT Artifact itemItem ability
Blighting JewelPlus 40 AP. Dealing magic damage reduces the target’s magic resistance by three. If their magic resistance is zero, this grants the holder five mana instead.
Cursed BladePlus 15 percent attack speed and 20 magic resistance. Attacks reduce the target’s maximum health by three percent. A unit hit by this effect 13 times has its star level reduced by one.
Corrupt Vampiric ScepterPlus 50 percent attack speed. This holder cannot cast their ability or gain mana. Attacks deal an additional 50 percent attack damage as physical damage and heal the holder for the damage dealt.
FishbonesPlus 30 AD and AP percent. Doubles the holder’s attack range, and causes each of their attacks to target a random enemy.
Forbidden IdolPlus 200 health, plus 25 armor and magic resistance. Shields have 50 percent of their value converted to maximum health instead
Horizon FocusHealth plus 250, mana plus 15, armor and magic resistance plus 20. Stunning an enemy causes lightning to strike them, dealing an additional 30 percent of their maximum health as magic damage.
Innervating LocketPlus 150 health and 15 mana. Holder gains two percent of their total mana whenever they’re hit by an attack. Each cast restores 20 percent of the holder’s maximum health over three seconds.
Lich BanePlus 30 AP and 15 mana. The holder’s first attack after each cast deals 150 to 380 bonus magic damage. Damage scales with Stage.
Lightshield CrestPlus 50 armor and magic resistance. Every three seconds, shields the lowest percent health ally for 50 percent of the holder’s combined armor and magic resistance. Death of the unit holder grants this shield to all allies.
Luden’s TempestPlus 30 percent AD and AP. 100 percent of overall damage plus 100 is dealt as magic damage to the three enemies nearest the target.
MittensPlus 60 percent attack speed. Shrinks the holder, granting them increased movement speed, 20 percent damage reduction, and immunity to Chill.
Prowler’s ClawPlus 25 percent AD and Critical Strike Chance. After killing a target, shed negative effects and dash to the farthest target within four Hexes. The next two critical attacks deal 60 percent bonus Critical Strike Damage.
Rapid FirecannonPlus 50 percent attack speed. Gain plus-one attack range, increased by one whenever the holder kills an enemy.
Seeker’s ArmguardPlus 25 AP, armor, and magic resistance. Takedowns increase the holder’s armor, magic resistance, and ability power by 10, increased to 15 if they score the kill.
Silvermere DawnPlus 165 percent, plus 50 armor and magic resistance. The holder’s attack speed is locked at 0.5. Grants immunity to Stuns and the holder’s attacks stun the target for 0.8 seconds.
Spectral CutlassPlus 40 percent AD and 20 percent Critical Strike Chance. At combat start, the Artifact teleports the holder to the mirrored Hex on the enemy’s side of the board. After eight seconds, the holder returns to their original location.
Suspicious Trench CoatHealth plus 250 and attack speed plus 25 percent. Once per combat at 50 percent health, the holder splits into three copies of themself each with 33 percent of their maximum health. Unique item.
Talisman of AscensionPlus 400 health. After 18 seconds gain 100 percent maximum health and 150 percent increased damage for the rest of combat.
Unending DespairPlus 400 health and 40 armor. Whenever a shield on the holder breaks, 100 percent of that shield’s initial value is dealt to the nearest enemy as magic damage.
Wit’s EndPlus 30 percent attack speed and 30 magic resistance. Attacks deal 42 to 100 bonus magic damage and heal the holder for 35 percent of all damage dealt. Attacks scale with Stage.

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