XQc receives a strike on YouTube for one of his reaction videos

But the video he reacted to is still up.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Variety streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel is in trouble with YouTube. He received a strike from the company last night and had one of his reaction videos removed from the platform due to violations of YouTube’s child safety policy, according to a message he received. 

In this video, xQc was apparently reacting to a compilation called “The best fails of all time” published by another YouTube channel that still had the video available after xQc received a warning.

Like many other “fail” videos, the one xQc reacted to was showing people getting slightly injured with no gore, explicit, or sensitive content. 

“I received an official warning/strike telling me one of my videos is breaking the guidelines but that video is me watching another video that isn’t taken down and at 40M+ views,” xQc said. “I believe this is a mistake and would like to have this problem resolved.”

Earlier that evening, xQc’s channel was briefly unavailable and showed that same message when he tried to access it during a Twitch stream.

XQc didn’t show the part of the YouTube warning that explained how he had violated the platform’s rules with his reaction video, but as usual, he can appeal to have this decision reversed. At time of writing, the video continues to be unavailable on his channel.

Regardless of the reason why YouTube punished xQc, Twitch didn’t find it an issue. His channel there remains free of suspensions or bans, though it’s unclear at this time if the reaction video in question was a clip from his Twitch stream or a video he made when offline.

XQc’s YouTube channel is still available, as well as all of his other reaction videos. He has yet to comment if YouTube replied to his appeal or if this strike incurs additional restrictions to his channel.