XQc confused after getting YouTube ban, video taken down

He's not sure what's going on.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

Trouble isn’t something that’s foreign to xQc. But today, the former Overwatch League pro was surprised by a strike on his YouTube channel. 

XQc regularly posts “xQc plays” and “xQc reacts” videos that are edited compilations of his Twitch stream geared toward a YouTube audience. But after seemingly getting limited details about his suspension, he doesn’t seem to understand exactly why he was punished. 

“Hello @TeamYouTube I recently uploaded a video of myself watching another video and got a strike on my account that suspends me from uploading on the grounds of breaking ToS,” he said. “The main video watched is still up and nothing wrong but mine is taken down + strike. Help please.”

One of xQc’s primary concerns with the reaction video being taken down is that the original video that he was reacting to is still up on that website. That means that something that he said or did must have violated the terms of service, but he still isn’t exactly sure what he did wrong.

“It literally has nothing to do with react, it’s a false report thing or a bug,” he said. “It coulda been any content.”

In an effort to take a proactive approach to xQc verbally expressing his confusion, the TeamYouTube Twitter account quickly responded with a post directly telling xQc that they would dive into the issue to at least help him understand why action was taken. 

“Thanks for reaching out—we’ll look into this and will get back to you with an update,” the account posted. “Appreciate your patience in the meantime.”

This isn’t xQc’s first issue with YouTube, though. In September, the content creator admitted on his Twitch stream that YouTube sent him a physical letter requesting that he not stream on YouTube. Being distracted by things going on surrounding his stream, xQc didn’t provide any more details at the time.

XQc’s YouTube channel has 625,000 subscribers and a total of 1,149 videos uploaded. Many of his top videos have one to two million views. For comparison, his Twitch page has more than two million followers, and in 2019, he posted a total of 61.8 million hours watched.