xQc blasts Forbes for bringing up past controversies in Top Creators list, claims it was out of ‘spite’

He also denied the incidents ever happened.

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

Felix “xQc” Lengyel was one of the few Twitch stars who appeared in Forbes’ Top Creators list. They ranked him 12th because he was the most watched streamer on the platform in 2021, and he’s on track to do it again.

However, the juicer warlord isn’t happy with the iconic business magazine.

Not because they included him, but rather, because they brought up some of his past controversies in his biography.

The article included a section that said: “Despite controversies involving racist, homophobic and sexually explicit content, Lengyel has attracted 11 million Twitch followers.” It was a reference to when Dallas Fuel banned him in Jan. 2018 for making homophobic comments about another player and again in Mar. 2018 using emotes in a “racially disparaging manner.”

Twitch also banned him a year later for showing explicit content on stream.

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

“That is so weird,” said xQc in disbelief during his stream on Sep. 8. It prompted a viewer to say it could be worse, to which he responded: “That’s really bad, though. Racist, homophobic, and explicit content?”

After stewing on it for a moment, he wasn’t done. “Guys, that is cooked. How could it be worse? That’s really bad, though,” he said before claiming the incidents they mentioned never happened.

“When did I do racist and homophobic explicit content?” he said. “None of these things have ever happened. None of these things happened. That is not real! Jesus, man.”

Not wanting to give the snippet more attention, xQc said it was “absolutely fucked” and “odd” they chose to run with that but suspects there was a reason. He explained Forbes wanted to interview him to get a proper write-up, but it didn’t end up happening because he had too much going on then.

Instead of declining, however, he simply ignored their requests.

“Maybe that’s why [the snippet] was so hardcore,” he said. “They should know better than to write this shit. I feel, because I didn’t do the interview, they made it out of spite.”