World’s strongest man Thor does gifted sub dance with Nick Polom

Cameras could barely contain The Mountain.

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Former world’s strongest man Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson made an appearance on Nick Polom’s stream this morning, and it was impossible not to notice the hulkish lifter and actor’s presence.

Joining Polom and Malena in the kitchen, the actor known for playing The Mountain in the HBO show Game of Thrones even made popular bodybuilding streamer Knut look small in comparison.

Initially, Thor stayed off camera. But once he stepped in front of the lens, it was clear why. The 6-feet-9-inch, 300-plus pounder was so large that he at times legitimately took up too much space on the screen.

But once he found his way onto the stream, Polom made sure to give him the full rundown on everything he needed to know as a guest on the nmplol Twitch channel.

As many of Polom’s fans know, if anyone gifts 25 or more subscriptions to the channel, everyone on the broadcast has to break out in dance—and Thor was by no means excused.

Despite his lacking stature comparatively, Polom gave quick, stern directions to The Mountain.

“OK, you have to follow me, come here,” he said before guiding Thor through the choreography of the gifted sub dance that includes some twirling and an abundance of flossing.

Along with cooking a hefty meal for Knut and Thor, Polom did his signature move when having high-profile guests over by showing them his and Sodapoppin’s expensive sports cars.

He even let Thor take a seat in each to start them up and give them a test rev. But as one might expect, it was almost impossible for him to fit his enormous frame inside the cars.

Having the mainstream celebrity on-stream was a boon for Polom today. His stream peaked at more than 55,000 viewers, according to Streams Charts. Meanwhile, his average viewership of more than 35,000 was his best of the year so far, due largely to the 40,000 to 50,000 viewers he steadily maintained once Thor and Knut made it to the broadcast.